November 2011 IAC Results

Hopscotch November 2011 IAC ResultsClick here for the November 2011 IAC Results (PDF) including referrals that were issued in IAC Session 198 which was held on 10/26/11.

Flashback 2006: Hopscotch Adoptions FIRST Adoption Completed!!

Locker FamilyAs we enter this Holiday Season..Our family will be remembering, and giving thanks for our Thanksgiving in Armenia five years ago. It is amazing that it has already been five years…Time flies once your child comes home.

We are blessed to be the parents of two beautiful little boys. Our oldest son Nate came home from the Republic of Georgia in September 2002. After 13 years of waiting we were finally parents! He was beautiful, precious and perfect in every way.

In the summer of 2003 we sent off our dossier for baby number two..This time around things did not go as planned. We spent the next two plus years waiting. With many disappointments, ups and downs…Ending with losing a referral.

All of which, lead us to Robin, Hopscotch and our beautiful, precious, perfect in every way, Armenian Angel! On December 1st, our little guy Chance will turn six years old. His birthday also marks the day we returned home five years ago as a family of four. Tim and I are blessed and thankful for each and every day we have with our boys. They are gifts from God!

Thank you to Robin and her amazing team…Hopscotch. We were blessed to be the first Hopscotch family!

—The Locker Family

Hopscotch Adoptions Holiday Card


Hopscotch Holiday Card

November 2011 IAC Results

IAC Results 11-22-2011Click here for the November 2011 IAC Results (PDF) including  referrals that were issued in IAC Session 197 which was held on 10/14/11.

“Not Clearly Approvable” Defined

Consular officers at U.S. Embassies and Consulates have limited, delegated authority from the United States Citizen and Immigration Service to approve Form I-600 petitions that are found to be clearly approvable. Clearly approvable means that the petition and supporting documentation clearly establish that the child is an orphan as defined by U.S. immigration law; all criteria identified on the Form I-600A approval regarding the child and any state pre-adoption requirements are met; and there are no concerns of fraud, child buying or other inappropriate practices in the adoption process.

In cases where the evidence is insufficient to establish that the child is an orphan or that the I-600A criteria have been met, the consular officer will allow the petitioner to respond to issues and questions that can be quickly and easily resolved. If issues and questions can be quickly and easily resolved and the case is clearly approvable the consular officer will approve the petition.

All non-Hague cases require an I-604 investigation to determine orphan status. In many instances this is a simple review of the documents and facts in the case. However, in some cases, an investigation by consular staff may be necessary to clarify doubts related to documentation presented or concerns of inappropriate practices. Investigations may include, but are not limited to, visits to the child’s town of origin; interviews with birth relatives, orphanage staff, or social workers; DNA testing; and/or a field investigation.

If additional clarification and evidence does not fully resolve the issue quickly, the consular officer must send the petition to USCIS for review and adjudication. USCIS is the only agency with the authority to adjudicate NCA cases. If a case is identified as “Not Clearly Approvable”, the consular officer sends the petitioner notification of the transfer to USCIS and provides contact information so that further inquiries may be directed to USCIS.

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Welcome Home to Hopscotch’s Second “Concurrent InterCountry Adoption” Family!

Miss EMiss E. from Bulgaria is adorable and her handsome brother R from Armenia have brought us all so much joy in seeing them join your family. You Made It!!!! Hooray!!!

2012 Foster Youth Internship (FYI) Program

The Foster Youth Internship Program of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) is an internship program for young adults who spent at least 24 consecutive months in foster care at any point in their life and who have completed at least 4 semesters of higher education by May 29, 2012. CCAI places these interns in Congressional offices in Washington, DC for a 9-week internship program. The goal of the program is to educate policymakers about the experiences of foster youth in an effort to inspire legislative improvements to the foster care system. Interns participating in this program benefit both personally and professionally, gaining experience and networking with professionals from various fields that will bolster their careers for years to come. In addition, interns are given the opportunity to share their recommendations for improving foster care by writing a policy report that is presented at a briefing and disseminated to policymakers and advocates across the country. Housing, travel, and a weekly stipend are provided by CCAI. Applications are accepted now until January 6, 2012. The program will run May 29-July 28, 2012. For more information and to apply, visit

Kybele: Holiday Open House and Merchandise Sale

KybeleSunday December 4th – 2:00 – 4:00pm
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Winston-Salem, NC 27106

No RSVP Required.
Come as you are anytime during event hours.

Make a lasting impression this holiday season with a unique gift from one of Kybele’s partnering countries.  Shop from a wide variety of colorful handmade bags from Ghana, stylish pashminas from Turkey, papyrus wall hangings from Egypt, jewelry from Romania, and much more.

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FY 2011 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption November 2011

Intercountry Adoption PDFPursuant to Section 104 of the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA) (Public Law 106-279), the U.S. Department of State submits the FY 2011 Annual Report on Intercountry Adoption.

Click here to download the full report (PDF)

Redjeb Jordania’s “Concerto Classico for Percussion Solo” and “Symphonic Winds” New Edition Released

The Georgian Association in the U.S. would like to share the following information with you:

In honor of Redjeb Jordania’s 90th birthday, Driftwood Press
is releasing a new edition of his seminal
Concerto Classico for Percussion Solo and Symphonic Winds

Russian Federal Orchestra, Vakhtang Jordania conductor,
Alexei Amosov Percussion Solo

Also included on the CD is Redjeb’s

Perkiomen Suite
Original 1963 recording with the composer at the piano
(to hear samples, go to below or download attached)

About the Music
Loosely inspired by Prokofief’s Classical Symphony, the Concerto Classico for Percussion and Symphonic Winds is written in an accessible musical idiom within a traditional four-part format, while the percussion part is limited to instruments commonly used in classical times. Paradoxically lyrical at times, it displays high virtuosity throughout, particularly in Part 4 with its Georgian dance rhythms as well as in the cadenzas and the intricate concluding sequence.

Master-percussionist Evelyn Glennie writes: “Your Concerto Classico for Percussion looks wonderfully exciting and fun! The performance given by the Russian Federal Orchestra and Alexei Asomov is wonderful. The writing for the winds is challenging and effective, as is the percussion.”

The Perkiomen Suite is named after the eastern-Pennsylvania village where the composer landed coming practically straight from Paris in 1960. It is comprised of eight light-hearted sound-sketches depicting people and events of the locality, not forgetting the HEX signs so ubiquitous in the region.


Further Information

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