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148201_10151464115865312_1602547652_nNational Adoption Awareness Month may be coming to an end, but the special bond between parent and child will last a lifetime.

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Last Day of National Adoption Month

If you are like me, I love nothing more than a lingering celebration.  While today is officially the last day of National Adoption Month, it’s never too late to share some beautiful reminders of what adoption means in our lives every day, all year long.  Thank you Hopscotch Family for this stunningly beautiful story of your family!!


Coming Soon!  Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc will soon incorporate this course as a part of our education package to new clients at no additional charge.  Look for details and an announcement soon.

Resources4Adoption Launches ADOPTION FINANCE UNIVERSITY ™
Program to streamline the adoption process through financial education classes

(Kansas City, KS) – Resources4Adoption, a Kansas-based organization specializing in financial planning assistance and guidance for adoptive families across the United States announces the launch of Adoption Finance University™, a 5-module series of online learning tools designed to assist adoptive families and families considering adoption with the steps, tools, resources, and guidance necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Adoption Finance University™ founder and Resources4Adoption CEO, Cherri Walrod says, “We’ve worked with hundreds of families over the years, assisting them with step-by-step insight into the intricacies of adoption and the sometimes insurmountable costs. With Adoption Finance University™, families will be able to study, learn, and navigate their way through the confusing and expensive adoption finance rules, regulations, and the ever changing landscape of domestic and international adoption. Whether you’re considering your first adoption or you and your family have successfully adopted already, Adoption Finance University™ is a game-changer that can eliminate the stress of figuring out how to afford adoption.”

Adoption Finance University™ module 100 will be offered for an introductory price through December 31, 2012. Adoption Finance University™ includes lifetime subscription to “The Connector”, the Resources4Adoption newsletter that brings the latest news, trends, solutions and suggestions for fundraising ideas to families, as well as access to our monthly webinar series where families can ask questions and get advice directly from Cherri Walrod and the Adoption Finance University™ team.

To learn more, visit

Learning from Adult Adoptees


Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks in Honor of National Adoption Month at the USCIS Citizenship Ceremony for Internationally Adopted Children

It’s immensely encouraging to read Secretary Clinton’s remarks on Adoption Month.  This is VERY exciting and heartening!!

“…And I want to thank USCIS for – I want to thank you for partnering with this effort. We want to make sure that governments around the world play by the same set of rules when it comes to intercountry adoption, putting the health and welfare of children first.

And as we mark National Adoption Month, that’s what our embassies will be emphasizing. Because we think of intercountry adoption is an important matter of foreign policy. It provides the opportunity for loving parents to offer a permanent home and a family for children who need that. And it deepens and enriches our culture and builds on one of America’s greatest strengths, our diversity So this is a special time to welcome new members to the American family…”

Watch Secretary Clinton’s speech in honor of National Adoption Month.

POOR KIDS – An Intimate Portrait of the Economic Crisis Seen Through the Eyes of Children



An opportunity to learn with SPOON: Upcoming Classes

Feeding and Nutrition Considerations for Children with Special Needs: An overview

Feeding and Nutrition Considerations for Children with Special Needs: An overview – Live Webinar

Event Date: Thursday, December 6, 2012 | Noon – 1:00 p.m. (Central Time)

Intended Audience: Prospective Adoptive Parents, Adoptive Parents, Child Welfare Professionals

Fee: $15 per participant; separate registration required for each participant.

When adopting a child who has been identified as having a special need, there is more to consider than just the medical or behavioral diagnosis. One of the basic, foundational issues that must be addressed immediately is the child’s feeding and nutrition, which will almost certainly be more of a challange than for a child without an identified need.

The goal of this presentation is to offer parents an overview of the aspects of feeding and nutrition that are unique to children with special needs including those with Sensory Processing Disorder, low muscle tone, cerebral palsy, and cleft lip and palate

Learn More & Register…

Hopscotch Adoptions Field Trip to Visit Congressman, Howard Coble

Last Friday, Hopscotch Adoptions staff took a field trip to visit our recently re-elected Congressman, Howard Coble.  For those of you that do not know Congressman Coble, he is truly admired and respected by all he has the opportunity to meet and work with.

Hopscotch officially presented the “Save the Adoption Tax Credit” to his office and asked for his support.  It was a great opportunity for each of us as parents and professionals to personally reach out.

Have you considered a family field trip to your Congressman’s district office?  If not, its a great ‘face to face’ opportunity to remind our elected officials of the real children and families their support means so much too. Visit your Congressman today!

A special thank you to Nancy Mazza, Congressman Coble’s High Point representative.  She is gracious and caring of all his constituents.  She is amazing!

NC Infant/Young Child Mental Health Association Conference

Hopscotch staff attended the NC Infant/Young Child Mental Health Association Conference and Annual Meeting Exploring the Foundations of Parent-Child Relationships on November 9, 2012.

The conference was an invaluable experience, which we hope will translate into better support for our families, as you each navigate your way through parenting children that have experienced deprivation.

The guest speaker, Dr. Edward Tronic, presented his research, the Flat Face project.  Notably, children residing in institutional care, being cared for by mothers suffering from post partum depression or poor quality child care, are at high risk for developing mental health challenges and developmental delays.

Hopscotch continues to value ongoing training and as we learn, we will share with you too.

Dr. Ed Tronick, director of UMass Boston’s new Infant-Parent Mental Health Program and Distinguished Professor of Psychology, discusses the cognitive abilities of infants to read and react to their social surroundings. The video is an excerpt from Lovett Productions’ , HELPING BABIES FROM THE BENCH: USING THE SCIENCE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD IN COURT.

Using the “Still Face” Experiment, in which a mother denies her baby attention for a short period of time, Dr. Tronick describes how prolonged lack of attention can move an infant from good socialization, to periods of bad but repairable socialization. In “ugly” situations the child does not receive any chance to return to the good, and may become stuck.

Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)

In 7 days, SOAR will be hosting an online auction to raise funds for the orphaned Armenian children in Armenia, Artsakh, Javakh, and Lebanon.  We have more than 500 items available, all of which will make excellent gifts as the holidays approach!

We will feature art, books, clothing, hand-crafts by the orphaned children in Armenia, jewelry, sports memorabilia, and vacation packages.  We will also offer many items for sale, including the funding of capital projects, sponsorships, and the hosting of Christmas parties for the 25 orphanages we support.  Unlike those for bid, the full amount of these “straight sales” will be used exclusively and completely for that specific item.

The auction opens on November 20, 2012, and will continue through December 5, 2012.  Please check out the SOAR Auction to peruse the wonderful items we have available.

Thank you in advance for your support of our orphaned Armenian children!

The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children.  Working with a loyal donor base and a trusted network of partners, SOAR distributes clothing, educational supplies, medicine, and other essential resources to orphaned Armenian children throughout the world.

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