Odoi Atsem School Project for Replacing Web page Humanitarian Project for Ghana


School Days Need a "random act of kindness" to brighten your day and a child’s future? This is your chance to change the lives of Ghana’s children attending the Odoi Atsem School of Ghana. Consider sponsoring one or more of the needs below to make it happen. Children want to learn and we have the power to make their learning environment clean and safe with a very small financial commitment. Just click on one of the projects below to make your donation today!


 SAND(1) TRIP 250 CEDIS = $122.62 usd

 BLOCKS (600) PIECES 1.5(EACH) = 900 = $441.44 usd

 STONES(1) 270 CEDIS = $132.43 usd

 CEMENTS (30) BAGS 20 CEDIS (EACH) = 600 CEDIS = $ 294.29 usd

 WOOD (25) PIECES = 480 CEDIS = $235.44 usd

 WINDOW 150 CEDIS = $73.57 usd

 WORKMANSHIP 300 = $147.15 usd

Odoi%20Atsem%20School%202013 BUILDING REPAIR

 WOOD( 30) 22 CEDIS EACH 660 = $323.73 usd

 NAILS (1) BOX 40 CEDIS = $19.58 usd

 WORKMANSHIP 100 CEDIS = $48.95 usd

**Exchange rate based on 1USD = 2.03879 GHS as of 07-12-2013 UT


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