When Waiting Hurts…

Worthy and Reposted from hopscotchadoptions.blogspot.com
By Robin E. Sizemore Executive Director of Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.

Hopscotch dedicates this week to Evan Moses Haufler.  Hopscotch, family and friends are commemorating the passing of Evan Haufler two years ago this week. He was a precious child that brought so much joy to everyone he met.  Evan joined his family in Tbilisi, Georgia in July 2010 and then suddenly departed to be with his heavenly Father.  We hope Evan’s life will motivate everyone responsible for children in care, to expedite a child’s union to their family, in hopes of avoiding another preventable tragedy. His life is still being celebrated, but we imagine this world as such a sweeter place, if only Evan could have stayed a little longer.

Let this child’s legacy be a reminder to parents, our own government and our future children’s government to not wait, to do their very best to bring a child into a permanent biological or adoptive family as expediently as possible.  Evan’s story reminds us to work for and demand change, because children cannot wait.  



  1. That makes my heart ache. God bless this family as they remember sweet Evan. And may governments understand that they have a responsibility to get their children HOME!

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