Your donation can change a life.

Time is running out…

Meet "Reese"

Reese has an irresistible smile and piercing blue eyes. Reese has been diagnosed with strabismus, Spina bifida and hydrocephaly, and received a shunt shortly after birth.  He enjoys books, blocks and singing songs. He is able to feed himself finger foods, such as bread and cookies. His caretakers say he is extremely smart and has an extensive vocabulary for his age. Currently he is completely immobile, but would really like to use a wheelchair like many of his friends.

Reese has been waiting for a family since 2007.

You can help.      

We still have a ways to go to reach our goal of $5,000 for our Waiting Child & Special Needs Grant Fund and less than two weeks left to do it.  Your donation is tax deductible and goes toward families adopting the most vulnerable of the children we advocate for. 

Help kids like Reese find their forever family.

To donate, go to:


Waiting Child & Special Needs Program

Hopscotch is dedicated to finding permanent and loving homes for children with special needs from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, and Morocco.

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The Waiting Child & Special Needs Grant Fund allows Hopscotch to financially aid families pursuing the adoption of children with special needs.

We can’t do it without your support!

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