US warns Russia on Ukraine, nudges Georgia to West


By Matthew Lee

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States on Wednesday warned Russia against a military intervention in Ukraine as it renewed demands that Moscow withdraw troops from disputed enclaves in another former Soviet republic, Georgia. The U.S. also urged Georgia to further integrate with Europe and NATO in calls that come amid growing tensions between Russia and the West over the ouster of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow president.

In pointed comments likely to fuel already heightened Russian suspicions over Western intentions in its backyard, Secretary of State John Kerry said Russia should be "very careful" in how it proceeds in Ukraine. In addition, he announced additional, but unspecified, U.S. assistance "to help support Georgia’s European and Euro-Atlantic vision." And, he denounced Russia’s continued military presence in the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in violation of the cease-fire that ended the 2008 Russia-Georgia conflict.

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Summer Is On Its Way, Here Is Your Chance To Bring On a Smile!


Expert Advice on Your Top 5 Attachment Concerns on Tuesday, February 25 at 7:00p Central Time


February 25, 2014  7:00 PM Central  Q&A: 8:00 PM

Expert Advice on Your Top 5 Attachment Concerns

Attachment is a process that can take time. Adoption often poses challenges to that process, leaving parents with concerns and questions.

If you’re concerned about your child’s attachment process with parents, siblings, or peers there are practical steps and ideas you can try at home right away. Or maybe you just want to know what’s typical and what’s adoption related.

Join Regina Kupecky as she discusses the Top 5 attachment concerns and what to do about them!

Practical ideas for the top 5 concerns she hears from parents including bonding to siblings, parents and peers as well as what’s typical and what’s not

Expert insights into attachment and attunement

Advice on connecting with your child throughout their development

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117 South Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Open Adoption: Things to Consider Before the Search


Patricia Martinez Dorner is an accomplished counselor, trainer, expert in mediation working with professionals and all member of the adoption triad.

Patricia Martinez Dorner MA, LPC, LMFT Adoption Counseling & Search

6701 Blanco Rd. #1120
San Antonio, TX 78216
Tel & Fax 210-341-2070
E mail: or complete request for more information

1. Trainings and Workshops

A professional speaker, Patricia is frequently invited as a keynote speaker. She is able to design a program to suit your needs and audience:

Trainings for professionals

Programs for adopted persons, birthparents, adoptive parents, persons interested in learning more about adoption

Some popular topics:

  • Talking with your Child About Adoption
  • Adoption is a Lifetime Experience
  • Navigating Open Adoption
  • Opening Closed and Semi Open Adoptions
  • Open Adoption with Special Needs Children
  • Understanding the Search and Its Impac
  • Learning the Ropes of Searching-for Agency Professionals
  • Ethics in the New Age of Adoption
  • Open Adoption – A Family Systems Approach
  • Am I Ready to Adopt?
  • Birthparents Never Forget – Fostering Empathy & Understanding
  • Birthfathers & Their Issues
  • The Impact of Infertility in Adoption

Can be presented in English and Spanish

2. Adoption Exploration

Whether you are an expectant parent or a prospective adoptive parent, it is very important that you expose yourself to the issues that you may experience when adoption is your choice. Learn the realities and complexities involved in the adoption experience of all parties through the years. Through personal and professional immersion, Patricia demonstrates sensitivity to all parties, realistically teaching the issues that are consistently present regardless of the type of adoption you may have or consider.

3. Search and Reunion Assistance

Whether you are actively searching or considering a search, Patricia offers you her expertise. An expert in the field, she offers preparation to consider the dynamics you may face no matter what role you have. She also will act on your behalf, searching, making the contact and helping you to walk through the stages of this process.  Many agencies contract with her, entrusting their files in order to provide these important services. Patricia also acts as a court appointed intermediary.

4. Opening Adoptions involving Minor Children

Families across the United States seek Patricia’s assistance in opening adoptions in order to establish contact between families by adoption and by birth. A leader in this area, Patricia has witnessed the multitude of benefits to the children and both their families when contact and relationships can evolve as in other families.

5. Open Adoption Education, Counseling and Support

Recognizing that truth and openness eliminate the need for secrecy, Patricia was a passionate voice and pioneer in the development of open adoption practice. She offers assistance at any point in time when you may wish to learn more about open adoption or seek support during the course of your adoption experience. She can assist you in the planning and exploration of a possible adoption between you as prospective adoptive parents and expectant parents who may be choosing adoption for your children.

6. Mediation and Short Term Counseling

Acknowledging the complexities of relationships, Patricia offers you mediation to assist your family deal with challenging situations.  By giving you a respectful voice and problem solving skills, she assists you to arrive at a peaceful coexistence. She also offers you short term counseling.

News from Bulgaria: "Queen of Hearts"

Someone was deemed the "Queen of Hearts" today, after a 100% successful recovery from her heart recent surgery.  Though tiny…. this little girl has one very big sweet heart!

Queen of hearts

Updated Course: Caring for Natural Black Hair

New Course For Adoptive Families

Braids, Curls, Twists and Twirls

A How-To for Natural Black Hair Care

We’ve upgraded our hair care course! Braids, Curls, Twists & Twirls: A How-To for Natural Black Hair Care contains even more expert tips and new styles!

Your child’s hair is different than yours. It requires different care and styles, which can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

Recognizing and honoring these differences, and finding styles that look and feel good can make a big impact on your daughter’s sense of self. Learning to treat and style her hair can also help you feel better as a parent.

Using easy to follow how-to videos, our expert stylist walks you through basic care techniques and styles.

  • Consider the impact hair care has on self esteem and cultural identity
  • Learn basic techniques such as shampooing, conditioning and hair styling for different types of black hair
  • Understand the myths vs. realities of caring for natural hair

Check out this clip from the course on flat twist styles:

Braids, Curls, Twits and Twirls







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News From Armenia: Two Happy Families Registering

News from Armenia: Two happy Hopscotch families have been invited to Armenia to register with their beautiful children and begin the adoption process! Congrats!!! 


NOTICE: Bulgaria’s Ministry of Justice Announces New Guideline Enforcement for USCIS Approval After Expiration

Today the Ministry of Justice informed US adoption service providers of their decision regarding the registered prospective adoptive parents, whose USCIS approval for adoption has expired. Please note that pursuant to Art.29, par.7 of Ordinance No.13/2009, our foundation partners are required to present a new USCIS approval within 30 days following the expiration of the previous one. Otherwise the Ordinance provides for automatic removal from the register.

Until this decision, the Ministry of Justice demonstrated understanding and waited for prospective adoptive families to obtain a new approval and extended time for the prospective adoptive families to obtain a new USCIS approval, after the original approval had expired.  The legal stipulation of 30-day’s is now in effect. 

The Ministry of Justice will no longer accept statements from the prospective adoptive families or from the accredited agency representing them. According to the decision the Ministry of Justice will permit up to 60 additional days, ONLY if the prospective adoptive families present documentation issued by USCIS confirming that the prospective adoptive families have initiated the process of obtaining a new USCIS approval. Otherwise the prospective adoptive families will not be provided with an additional deadline and will be removed from the register after the expiration of the 30-day deadline stated in the Ordinance.

Adoption and Finances: Who knew there were so many opportunities!

Adoption Grant Writing Online Class – "What You Need To Know For Success!"

grant who 2014

The Adoption Grant Writing Online Class gives you the guidance needed to be successful in your adoption grant writing efforts. Get answers to your important questions:

  • Which adoption grants should I apply for?
  • What types of adoption grants are available?
  • How do I determine if it is even worth my time to apply?
  • Do my income and/or assets matter?
  • How do I get organized?
  • How do I write my family story?
  • What kind of information are grant organizations looking for?
  • How do I know if a grant organization is legit?
  • How can I protect my adopted child’s privacy but still convey their need?
  • Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?
  • Am I allowed to apply for grants and loans at the same time?

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The Foster Care Model: Compliments of UNICEF

NGOs gloss over the high level of abuse in kinship care, as well as the instability and vulnerability that is inherent in any temporary care.


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