NOTICE: Bulgaria’s Ministry of Justice Announces New Guideline Enforcement for USCIS Approval After Expiration

Today the Ministry of Justice informed US adoption service providers of their decision regarding the registered prospective adoptive parents, whose USCIS approval for adoption has expired. Please note that pursuant to Art.29, par.7 of Ordinance No.13/2009, our foundation partners are required to present a new USCIS approval within 30 days following the expiration of the previous one. Otherwise the Ordinance provides for automatic removal from the register.

Until this decision, the Ministry of Justice demonstrated understanding and waited for prospective adoptive families to obtain a new approval and extended time for the prospective adoptive families to obtain a new USCIS approval, after the original approval had expired.  The legal stipulation of 30-day’s is now in effect. 

The Ministry of Justice will no longer accept statements from the prospective adoptive families or from the accredited agency representing them. According to the decision the Ministry of Justice will permit up to 60 additional days, ONLY if the prospective adoptive families present documentation issued by USCIS confirming that the prospective adoptive families have initiated the process of obtaining a new USCIS approval. Otherwise the prospective adoptive families will not be provided with an additional deadline and will be removed from the register after the expiration of the 30-day deadline stated in the Ordinance.


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