OUR Government Was Wrong!

Will they admit it?

BEB_WhiteTextdbf915 I encourage you to join us on Tuesday, June 3rd, for our most interesting and provocative stakeholder call to date.

This stakeholder call will mark the announcement and public release of our Nepal report, documenting the harmful actions of our own government and the consequences that resulted to innocent children and their adoptive families.

In conjunction with the release of this report, we are also requesting the removal of the suspension of adoptions from Nepal.

We will also provide an update on the latest developments in DRC.  Our collective voice on behalf of the children stuck by the DRC suspension is beginning to produce results. This week, 15 of these children are being allowed to go home to their families. Thank you for your assistance in helping to make this happen.

But there are many more children still stuck in DRC, and we are not giving up on them. We have a lot more work to do for these children to come home.

Please join us on Tuesday for another important step in our journey.


Tuesday • June 3 • 1:00 PM EST

Phone number: 1-866-576-7975
Access code: 366574

Together, our voices are making a difference for these children.

Craig Juntunen

Founder, Both Ends Burning


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