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Grant Deadline for HelpUsAdopt


GRANT DEADLINE: Becky Fawcett is now accepting adoption grant applications for the FEBRUARY 2015 grant cycle. supports ALL families including Muslim, Jewish, LGBT and single parent families.

Click for a FREE application. Please share– someone you know might need help with the cost of their adoption.

As If Parenting is Not Hard Enough


By Calvin Hennick

The writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.

In the days after the Michael Brown shooting, I wrote an essay titled “I Hope My Son Stays White,” detailing my fears about what might happen to my biracial three-year-old son if he grows up to have dark skin. The upshot: America, to its shame, is still a place where black males are feared, and I don’t want that fear to turn itself on my son in a way that leads to his arrest or death.

I published the piece on, and the reactions from black readers ranged from “sad but true” to allegations that I myself was engaging in the very racism and colorism that I was decrying. But buried among these was a comment from a white reader who accused me of “sucking up to black folk” and then went on to list the supposed advantages of being black in America. (Apparently, according to this reader, my son will have an unearned fast track to a career as an air traffic controller. Um, okay?)

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I Don’t Expect You To Understand Why I Parent The Way I Do



Being the parent of children with special needs, our style and means of parenting are quite different than most parents. There are big reasons why we do the things we do, expect the things we expect, and redirect the way we redirect:

My son’s coach meant well. He really did. His fatherly instincts told him to comfort my son and try to remedy the situation by loaning him his gloves. The temperatures at game time were a brisk 30 degrees. The sun was up, but slow to melt the frost that fell in the early morning hours when it was the coldest. My son stood on the sideline shivering, crying, snot running down his upper lip, and looking as if he were close to death.

I stood on the opposite sideline, glaring at him as he played up his sob story, feeling no sympathy.

In fact, through the fumes that clearly radiated from my face I reflected back on the night before, when I was digging out knit caps and gloves in preparation for his game. Because I’m a college-educated person I paid attention to the evening weather report (which a kindergartener could do). I listened when the reporter said, matter-of-factly, that the next morning would be below normal. He even went as far as to say, “If your son or daughter is playing soccer, football or fall baseball, you will want to dress them warm!” Imagine that!

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Worth the Trip to NYC! – See you soon Brenda and Mike.



At first, it seems like a joke. There’s no way they can be serious, you think, as the giant flatbread is deposited unceremoniously before you. It’s shaped like a football, with puffy crusts surrounding a moat of molten white cheese called sulguni. On top of the cheese is a barely cooked egg, its yolk peeking out over the sea of dairy. And then the waiter gives a little nod, leans over, and starts mixing the egg into the cheese, leaving you with an enormous, delicious bread boat to contend with. This is khachapuri adjaruli, and it’s serious business indeed.

Khachapuri adjaruli makes up just a small part of Georgian cuisine, but it’s probably the most craveable, though the oeuvre of other khachapuris—some cheeseless, others filled with beans or corn—is vast and equally tempting. Still, if you’re going to seek out Georgian food at two newish Georgian restaurants downtown, save room to go beyond simple carbohydrates.

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FRUA Memberships Drive

The Family Focus – Digital Edition               
FRUA e-Newsletter supplement to The Family Focus

October 2014
Vol. 1, Issue 1

We are excited to launch the first issue of The Family Focus – Digital Edition.

The Family Focus digital edition and printed journal are membership publications. Our printed journal has more in-depth articles. Our new digital edition is meant to be a quicker read with online links to information.

Thank you for being a part of the FRUA adoption member community. We journey together with our successes and challenges.

FRUA Membership: Hope, Help, and Community

Fall Membership Drive – Special Offer – NOW

This is FRUA membership month! Until November 8th, we are offering a special promotion for those who renew their FRUA memberships for one or three years. Next month, we will focus on National Adoption Month and attachment issues.

Renew through November 8th, and receive a FREE educational course or webinar from Adoption Learning Partners.  

Recent News

FRUA National news update . . . from our Chair.

Follow along with Jan Wondra on her recent trip to Moscow for FRUA. . . FRUA National Board Blog.

FRUA regional chapters recently hosted representatives from several of our children’s birth countries. Events were held in the DC area, Minneapolis and Seattle. . . FRUA regional events.

FRUA advises about its global outreach programs in e-blast (9/5/14). . . FRUA Increases Global Outreach , Global Outreach FAQ.

IN THE NEWS. . . A recent article in The Washington Post noted a pending New York court case involving two minors who are Russian adoptees. FRUA has been asked by members about its position regarding this issue. . . FRUA Issues Position Statement on NY Court Case (10/20/14).

Resource Links

FRUA National & Regional 

World events, and ensuing media attention, can negatively impact our children, and attitudes from others. FRUA developed an education document to help parents and teachers talk with children who may have worries about what is happening in Ukraine and Russia. Our parent-educator tool has been recently updated. Parent-Educator Tool for Ukraine Crisis

We now have ten regional chapters in the U.S. covering all fifty U.S. states, so every FRUA member is now associated with a region based on where they live. Regional Chapters List and Contacts


It is important the voices of our FRUA members are heard with key national adoption leaders. Continuing our mission of awareness building, FRUA is in regular contact with opinion leaders at adoption organizations around the country. National Adoption Policy Groups

Kazakhstan Post-Placement Reports Update

For more information about inter-country adoptions:

  • U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Children’s Issues,

Web links of Interest

As noted below in our disclaimer below, and in The Family Focus printed journal, FRUA does not endorse or recommend resources, but rather provides information about resources. What works for one family may not work for another.

Member Reminders

from FRUA National Board Chairs . . . 

National Board Chair: Please remember to submit your post-placement reports.

Vice Chair: Reach out. You are not alone. Talking with other families who have already made the journey is extremely helpful. This is why I am here, as a parent and a FRUA volunteer.

Education: We are looking forward to celebrating National Adoption Month in November, and focusing on attachment issues, with a members-only live webinar with Deborah Gray. More details to follow.   

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New Program: Welcome to Guyana!!!


Hopscotch Kids in The News: Lusie!



Hopscotch Kids in The News: Lusie appears in this MSNBC story about 3-D printing, meets with the global generosity of a local tech genius for kid-approved, custom colored new hands!

See Video.

SOAR & Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc -North Carolina Wine Tasting To Support Armenian Orphans

It’s Coming… ‪#‎WorldAdoptionDay‬!


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