How does your family celebrate adoption?


20020829092839_105 How does your family celebrate adoption?  Do you have traditions, rituals, or stories to share? If you have not yet incorporated any, check these suggestions out:

  1. Write a letter to the editor whenever you see a positive or negative story concerning adoption.
  2. Find an adult adoptee who would be willing to be a mentor for your child. Arrange for them to get together on a monthly basis.
  3. Ask your local TV or radio station to broadcast a segment featuring a waiting child in your state
  4.  Rent a video that portrays adoption in a positive light for your family to watch and discuss. Try Immediate Family, Losing Isaiah, or Secrets and Lies
  5. Plan craft activities or holiday ornaments incorporating designs from your child’s heritage. For recipes, crafts, activities, and other ideas, see

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  1. My daughter of three is adopted and I must admit it’s not something we make a big deal about. On her bookshelf she has a number of age appropriate adoption stories which are read alongside stories like Cinderella and Snow White. I kept an Adoption Journal for her to read when she is mature enough. There are pictures of her birth mom and gran in her baby album. And she observes animal adoption daily as my husband rescues them. So while we don’t discuss it all the time she is unconsciously being sensitised to the concept. I even heard her chattering about her birth mom to a doll a few weeks ago.

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