How To Spot An American: Top 13 Ways

Guilty as charged when it comes to “talking to strangers with big a white toothy smile”.  Do you make the Top 13 List?   


By Leah Ginsberg

fcc2f4f2cde35a6c26ea9f1fe98e66df30d580ca For better or for worse, we Americans have some very unique habits. Baseball caps and fanny packs aren’t the only giveaways. So Yahoo Travel found out what foreigners think are our top tells. Here are 13 ways to spot an American anywhere in the world.

1. We’re the only ones wearing white athletic socks.

For real. Others around the world mostly wear darker-colored socks. In fact, according to Olivier Magny (French author of Stuff Parisians Like) in Paris, people actually find white socks offensive.

2. We have superwhite, supernice teeth

Un-naturally white, perfectly straight-toothed smiles have “U.S.A.” written all over them. Ricky Gervais, the English comic known for his notoriously bad imperfect teeth (before he became famous in American and whitened them) even says so: “Americans, they are obsessed with perfect teeth.” Whereas others, like the Brits, are more comfortable having teeth with “character.” Flossing also isn’t a thing in the rest of the world like it is here.

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