I Love You More Than I Care If You "Like" Me

Apparently this mom has been eaves dropping in on my house – my kids have heard this exact same speech from the beginning of time. I love them more than to care if they ‘like’ me. This is great.

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News from Georgia: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Visits Tbilisi, Georgia!

Source: http://www.cnn.com

By Anthony Bourdain

Georgia's 'hangover soup' (CNN)I was late to Georgia.

My flight was stuck in Istanbul and we’d had only a small window to shoot in the off season resort city of Batumi, so a last minute substitute was called in.

Like John Shaft, he’s a complicated man.

Like Wolf Blitzer, he’s got the credentials and experience to tackle any subject.

Like Bambi, a struggling medical student, he WILL pole dance if no other employment options exist.

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Donations Needed for Armenian Children!

Health. In Armenia, the need is more than ever before.  Orphanages and other care facilities have asked for goods that we are sure can be obtained in large quantities from various vendors or non-profit clearinghouses that look to donate to charities, supporting impoverished children.  Urgently needed items include, diapers and other baby supplies; over the counter medications, new clothes/shoes/sneakers, athletic supplies, soap, food, and toys/games. 

If they can be located and secured, the shipping point A to B can be organized at no expense to the donor, so don’t let that hold you back from making any offers or asking for any donations.  Can you or do you know of anyone that can be asked for support with these donations?  Donations would qualify for a tax deductible letter from the Society Orphan Armenian Relief, a registered 501c3 organization and friend to Hopscotch Adoption, Inc.

Contact us at robin@hopscotchadoptions.org and george.yacoubian@gmail.com

Nappies For Nork 2016 – Your Change to Make a “Change” in Armenia!

Source: http://martiniadoptionroad.blogspot.com

Nappies For Nork 2016

Last year, through the great generosity of many donors, we raised $12,000 for SOAR to purchase diapers for Nork orphanage in Yerevan.  For eleven months, thousands of diapers were delivered to the children living there, but the funds will run out after the final delivery this month.

Therefore, please join us in Nappies For Nork 2016, a collaboration of SOAR, Hopscotch Adoptions, and adoptive mom Viviane Martini whose son lived at Nork from early 2009 until summer 2011.

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Making Hippotherapy Accessible in Armenia

Source: http://hetq.am

By Katherine Berjikian


Its spring in Armenia, and the children at Kharberd Orphanage, just outside Yerevan, are excited because they can play with their old friend Dr. Sabba.

Dr. Sabba is an Armenian from the diaspora. He was born and raised in Lebanon, and came to Armenia five years ago. He’s a therapist at the orphanage and unfortunately can only work when it’s warm outside. The winter months are too cold to perform his specific kind of therapy. However, when he can work, the children get excited.

By the way, Dr. Sabba is a horse.

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Bulgarian Adoptive Family Reunion T-shirts On Sale Now!!

c86bb7aa20cda12d532ef909a4582c88 All proceeds benefit the underwriting of the Bulgarian Adoptive Family Reunion.

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Shared Histories and Testimonies from Survivors of The Holocaust and Genocide

Source: http://sfi.usc.edu


The USC Shoah Foundation was founded by Steven Spielberg after the completion of the movie, Schindler’s List.  The organization’s initial focus was to gather video testimony from Holocaust survivors. Hopscotch’s co-founder and board member, Brenda Smith,  was a part of the launch, interviewed approximately 100 survivors over a few years.  Brenda shared. “ it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life”.  The organization has since expanded the focus to include testimonies from survivors of genocide from across the globe, including Rwanda, Guatemala, Armenia, etc.  The link is to a piece about an Armenian man, survivor of the Armenian genocide. I’m so glad all of these testimonies and histories are being curated for our future generations.

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Inspiring Story: Twins Lost To One Another and Soon To Be Reunited!

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com

By Colby Itkowitz


Lisa Lumpkins was scrolling Facebook when she first saw the photo. In her newsfeed, a group that identified older children in need of adoption had posted a picture of a teenage Chinese girl who looked strikingly like her own daughter.

The image bore into her mind and she couldn’t shake it. She thought maybe she was imagining the similarity. So she shared the post on her personal page and almost instantly close family and friends were messaging her: That girl looks a lot like Aubrey.

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Help! My Child’s Certificate of Citizenship Has His First Name

Name Tag.

Did you know? Your child’s Certificate of Citizenship may have their original name from birth, a name that was possibly phonetically modified into an English version, or perhaps you have added a middle name since your arrival home.  If this is the case and you would like to have a Certificate of Citizenship issued with the child’s new legal name, correctly spelled or with a middle name added, you can request a name change and receive an amended Certificate of Citizenship.   

Adoption Tax Credit – Big Event Coming up! Help make an impact!

NCFA has big news and we need your help! There are two events in Congress next week and our collective voices are so important.

On May 11 over 200 people from across the country will be advocating for the Adoption Tax Credit as part of RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day.

There will be a Member Day Hearing on Tax Legislation on Thursday, May 12, at 10:00 AM in the House Ways & Means Tax Policy Subcommittee. The hearing is a unique opportunity for House Members on both sides of the aisle to present their ideas to improve the tax code, and we want to make sure they know how important the ATC is to children in need of families.

In light of these two events taking place next week, we urge you to spread the word and contact your Representatives on May 9, 10 or 11 and ask them to:

1. Co-sponsor the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act (H.R. 2434/S. 950) and

2. Attend the Member Day Hearing on Tax Legislation and speak in support of making the ATC refundable.

(To find your Representative, go here: http://www.house.gov/ )

In other news, our bipartisan congressional briefing on Tax Day, April 18th, was a success! Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Representative Diane Black (R-TN) and Representative Danny Davis (D-IL) were honorary hosts. As Representative Black said in her remarks, “Families have room in their hearts to adopt, but they don’t always have room in their budget.”

012ab136d159ede55f44a0b04c6373c0 Adoptive mothers, Margaret Fink, Christine Brinker and Laura Hertenstein, shared moving stories about their adoption journeys and how the credit has impacted their families. The importance of a refundable credit is more apparent now than ever. 


“This credit made my family possible.” – Grace Brinker & mother, Christine, of Pennsylvania

Since our bipartisan briefing on April 18th, the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act, H.R. 2434, gained two new cosponsors!

  1. Rep. Tim Murpy (R-PA)
  2.  Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO)

Thanks to your social media activity throughout April, our tweets had impressions—more than three times what we had in March. Of those 12,700 were from the week of the briefing. Our hashtags #passhr2434, #passS950 and #ATCStorm have now collectively made over 330,000 impressions!

Keep showing Congress how passionate you are about passing H.R. 2434/S.950 on behalf of children in need of families. There are nearly 108,000 children in U.S. foster care who are waiting to be adopted.

Warm Regards,

The ATC Working Group Executive Committee
American Academy of Adoption Attorneys
Adopt America Network
Christian Alliance for Orphans
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (Secretariat)
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Donaldson Adoption Institute
National Council for Adoption
North American Council on Adoptable Children
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
Voice for Adoption

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