An update from Save Adoptions

Save Adoptions has been relatively quiet the last few months, but that doesn’t mean we have not been working. We are very proud of the Op-Ed in USA Today written by Chuck Johnson, the President of NCFA and an original Board Member of Save Adoptions.  Two former State Department officials, who figured significantly in the policies leading us to where we are today, wrote a response to Chuck’s Op-Ed with several false or misleading statements. Avoiding any responsibility themselves, they inaccurately stated that Nepal and Cambodia made their own decision to close inter-country adoptions and, together with Guatemala and Ethiopia, closed because of concerns about trafficking, re-homing and other bad practices.

In December 2017, Save Adoptions filed a complaint with the Inspector General of the Department of State citing the designation of IAAME as an accrediting entity, even though they did not meet the requirements of the Intercountry Adoption Act, nor the implementing regulations. I can confirm to you that the investigation into that complaint is active and ongoing! We know that government never moves very quickly, but our persistence will make sure it does move.

There have also been two law suits filed against the Department of State and another, broader law suit, is being planned. Many of you have been involved in contacting your legislators to urge change in the Office of Children’s Issues to bring hope back to children. If you hear allegations against the adoption service providers, please urge them to seek specific facts to support any allegations. THANK YOU and please continue the fight. 


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