News Story from Serbia: Children From Serbian Homes Are Often Adopted by Foreigners


Although a large number of abandoned children in Serbia are awaiting adoption, some of their families are never found in our country. Only in the course of 2015, eighty-four Serbian children were adopted by foreigners. Adoption is free and rigorous, according to the relevant ministry, adding that the most interested adopters from Sweden and America are.

Methus is a police detective from Detroit, and his wife Kristin’s nurse. Thousands of miles from America to Serbia, they say, were not an obstacle for them to come to Belgrade and adopt a five-year-old girl.

"At the very beginning, we did not immediately choose Serbia, but when we saw the girl waiting for her parents and all her qualities, we decided to come right now." We chose Serbia only because of the small, talented singer, "says Kristin Van Rahprost, adoptive.

Foreigners admit Serbian children according to our rules and are dictated by the Family Law. Unlike domestic adopters, strangers often take children with special needs as well.

"Our law says that no child can go to international adoption if the former body deciding on it – the Social Work Center – has not exhausted all the opportunities to find adequate adopters among domestic adopters," said Vesna Tekic, psychologist – an adviser at the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

And apart from homes for an uninhabited child, a third of children in the foreign country also go from family to family. Regardless of age, Serbia does not forget.

"What matters is that a foster family sends a message to a child that they love him and that he cares but encourages him to accept a new family because they are now" parents forever, "says Dobrila Grujić, Director of the Family Housing Center and adoption

"They usually have one box, and they call it ‘memory boxes’ in which they put their memories from Serbia, and later with their albums and all the good things they have got here, and the kids when they become aware of it and when they start talking about their own , then they open it and watch them together, "says Zoran Popovic, local representative" Hopskoč adapting ejdžensi "

According to the latest data, there are currently 66 children on the international adoption list. The reports received by the competent authorities in Serbia show that the children are well-off abroad because their family is important, no matter how many miles it was away.


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