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FREE Video Series with Tara Brach: One Powerful Question to Overcome Fear

One Powerful Question to Overcome Fear

NICABM is offering a FREE short video series with Tara Brach, an expert in mindfulness and radical acceptance.  Robyn Gobbel, LCSW is eager to share this with each of you parenting children that are struggling with post institutional trauma related behaviors.  Robyn, and by proxy Hopscotch Adoptions, trusts NICABM and value the work Tara Brach is doing for so many families.  Tara’s work is so applicable to those of us loving and caring for people struggling with the impact of traumatic and toxic stress.  This is labor intensive, overwhelming, and at times baffling work.  As parents, we must be diligent in finding ways to hold onto our grounded regulation.

Tara Brach shares the third and perhaps most crucial part of her 3-part workshop on managing the fear that’s controlling our lives.
Here’s a look at what she’ll cover:

  • One critical question that can help you shift out of a paralysis of fear
  • How fear stays in control (and how to undo it)
  • Why some people are better than others at escaping a fear mindset
  • The two-part combo that creates a limiting fear belief (and most of us have this)
  • Why neuroplasticity may be key to de-conditioning fear
  • One practice that can break a self-perpetuating fear loop
  • How the inner critic works with the body to make our fears seem real
  • Why trance-like thinking often fuels a fear response
  • One powerful phrase that can weaken self-doubt linked to fear
  • A simple strategy to disrupt a negative fear-reactivity cycle

This is Tara’s latest thinking on working with fear. It’s completely free but it’s going away soon, so go ahead and check it out now

P.S Remember, as long as your register by the time the webinar goes live on Wednesday, you’ll receive lifetime and unlimited access to the recording of the webinar!!

Webinar: Your Nervous System Is Your Most Powerful Parenting Tool!! Hosted by Robyn Gobble, LCSW

Powerful Parent Tool Webinar.jpg 03-13-2019Lots of fun stuff brewing on the horizon, but the most immediate opportunity is Robyn’s next online guest-presenter webinar with Jessica Schaffer, Nervous System Health Educator.  Robyn met Jessica through mutual colleagues and immediately fell in love with the work she is doing. Practical, accessible, and based in science, she is teaching exactly what want parents need to receive. In "Nervous System Know-How: Why Your Nervous System is your most Effective Parenting Tool" Jessica will teach you real things to do to help you hang onto your regulation in the face of difficult, stressful, and maybe even scary parenting moments.  Because without a doubt, you are more likely to help your child move toward the behavior you desire, if YOU can keep your cool!!!

AND Jessica is offering a great handout that will help you implement what she teaches.

This webinar is designed for parents but really, it will benefit any human who interacts with other humans who can sometimes be stressful, annoying, or frustrating.  And since all humans are those things…well…I guess this webinar is for everyone 🙂

Robyn is looking forward to spending this hour with you and Jessica,next Wednesday the 13th and she hopes you’ll join her!!!  It’s only $14 and if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive unlimited and lifetime access to the recording.  So see… there’s no good reason NOT to sign up! 

Hop over to Robyn’s website for the rest of the details and registration:

See you there!!!

February Webinar, Application of Trauma Sensitive Discipline


Harmony Family Center is excited to announce our free February Webinar.

Trauma Sensitive Discipline: Applying the S.E.T. Model

February 28th, 8:30-9:30 pm, EST

Children who have been abused, neglected or substance exposed don’t always respond to typical forms of discipline, challenging and frustrating many foster and adoptive parents.

Join Allison Cooke Douglas, adoptive parent and Education and Training Coordinator at Harmony Family Center, in an hour long discussion of why old standbys like timeout, spanking and lectures don’t work for our kids and how parents can shift to mindful, connected discipline techniques for difficult behaviors.

Please register by clicking this link.

Serbia Program Update

Serbia Girls

We wanted to take a moment to give you a quick update on our Serbia program which is running smoothly and growing.  Our Serbia program opened in 2014 and between 2015 and 2018, we assisted ten Serbian children into their permanent families.  At this point in February 2019, we have eleven matched families in various stages of the process, adopting a total of thirteen formerly waiting children.  One family just returned to the US with their new son and another is slated to travel shortly.  We are so thrilled that more families have discovered this great program and the wonderful Serbian kids.  The Serbian Central Authority discourages submission of a dossier without a specific waiting child in mind and with a pre-approval of the Ministry.  The Serbian Central Authority continues to define its international adoption program as a program for special needs placements only, whether that means children with medical and/or development diagnoses and/or older children/sib groups.

Since April 2014, we have worked with the same fantastic Foreign Supervised Provider in Belgrade.  He single-handedly manages all of our cases from the Serbian side and warmly welcomes families when it is time to pick up their children.  He provides his excellent care and service to all parents and children.  His schedule for 2019 is already very full as many of you are projected to travel this year, but he and the Serbian Central Authority are as excited as our team here at Hopscotch to see so many children adopted.  Historically, Serbian officials take vacations or celebrate holidays in the months of July and August as well as part of December and January, so adoption travel is usually not scheduled during those times.

Finally, if you should be asked about our Serbia program by others interested in adoption, please let them know that a simple Letter of Introduction, is the new family’s first step in their adoption journey with Serbia, and as always sent free of charge and is non-binding.  It’s a fast and easy way to find out if a waiting child with specific parameters a family would be interested in is already registered and eligible for adoption; or to gain permission to see the file of an identified waiting child previously made known to Hopscotch. Serbia does not require an approved home study for them to make a provisional match, but they do expect the complete dossier and USCIS approval to be forth coming within 6 months, unless special circumstances occur.   Speaking of waiting children, there are at least two sweet little ones who have Down Syndrome ages 6 and under waiting to be found along with a very handsome and bright 8 yo boy who has spina bifida and an active kindergartner and preschooler each with global developmental delays and possible autism.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in these children or this program, please send them our way.

My best wishes to all of you – I so enjoy following the journeys and keeping up with our Serbia families once home with their amazing children.  Take a look at some of the Serbian beauties in the attachment who have found their forever families through Hopscotch.  I’d venture to say they were so worth the wait.


Viviane Martini, Family Coordinator and Advocate
Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.
Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Morocco, Serbia and Ukraine
Pre- & Post-Adoption Services available to NY and NC residents
Phone: 336.899.0068

I’ll hold you in my heart…


Helpusadopt invites you to their NY meetup! See FAQ’s about this event below.



How can I invite a friend/family member/colleague to the event?

The more, the merrier! Feel free to forward this email to anyone who may be interested in attending.

I can’t attend for the whole time, can I still come?

Absolutely! Feel free to stop by when you can and stay for as long as you’d like!

I’m in the very beginning stages of the adoption process, should I still attend?

We invite all members of the adoption community to attend, even those just beginning the process!

Are children invited to the meetup?

We request that children not attend this particular meetup. As our meetups grow, we hope to have more targeted events and ones where children can attend!

Sayra Havranek, bCET
Manager of Communications and Development

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