Viviane Martini Recently Shared…

“By my most recent count, of the 401 adopters confirmed with MOJ as of 12/15/10 and registered from 2005 through 2009, 170 had received referrals as of 12/16/11. That’s roughly 42% matched in one full year.

I would like to stress that we do not know how many of these registered families may have dropped out of the program, thus decreasing the wait line, and how many who did receive referrals declined them and are continuing to wait.

In addition, we all know that MOJ does not go in strict chronological order in their referral-making process and that families open to older children, children with Special Need and/or sibling groups may be matched quicker. However, it seems safe to assume that there continue to be about 200 registered families whose dossiers were submitted and confirmed in 2009 or earlier who are still waiting for referrals”.

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