PodcastOne: How Government Is Killing International Adoption


children-goldenkpOverregulation of international adoption is driving the industry into extinction. Jayme Metzgar, senior contributor at The Federalist and founder of the adoption non-profit Romania Reborn, joins Ben Domenech to discuss major issues with the State Department’s adoption policies and the failure to advocate for adoption overseas.

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Creating a Family Radio Show/Podcast “Surviving The Home Study” with Jeanette Quick of Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.


The home study is a nerve wracking experience. What should you expect and how should you prepare for it? Host Dawn Davenport, Executive Director of Creating a Family, the national infertility & adoption education and support nonprofit, interviews Rebekah Hill, social worker and Clinical Therapist in Adoption Services at SAFY; and Jeanette Quick, Home Study Service Coordinator at Hopscotch Adoptions.

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Podcast Regarding Sibling Adoption


Creating A Family Podcast: Our guests to talk about sibling adoption are Kimberly Offutt, a social worker at Bethany Christian Services and Erin Q. Nasmyth, a licensed clinical social worker with Hopscotch Adoptions, who has spent spent the last ten years working with families and children in the foster care system, in child mental health, and supporting families in adoption.

What Does It Mean To Be Black & Why Parents Should Care?

Source: http://creatingafamily.org

bfeec56c-c83e-4ce9-8317-a827f805272eThe guest on today’s Creating a Family show, Dr. Marlene Fine, related the following incident in a dialogue on race and ethnicity that she was facilitating. The participants were divided into groups of two and given an exercise to work through. Afterwards, a white participant paired with another white participant commented that race had not come up once in her group discussion. She concluded that race simply wasn’t and didn’t need to be a central element in most people’s lives. Dr. Fine turned to a black participant paired with another black man, who said they did talk about race when discussion the exercise. He went further to say that he thought about race every single day and talked about race every single day.

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Great Laura Ingraham Interview with Craig Juntunen

Such a great interview with Craig Juntunen from May 2013! 

AUDIO ONLY: Craig Juntunen on the Laura Ingraham Show


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