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Race, Culture and Adoption Class Offered by Adoption Support Alliance“Race, Culture and Adoption” class offered by Adoption Support Alliance.  Saturday, March 11th from 1 – 3 pm at Christ Central Church/ 658 Center in Charlotte.  The cost is $50 per person and $60 per couple.  The course provides your family with 2 educational credit hours.

If your family is considering or has adopted transracially or transculturally, this is a wonderful opportunity.  Visit their webpage to register today!

To register visit

Adoption 101 Class for Prospective Adoptive Families: January 9th, 2016. Reserve your place now.


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National Adoption Month: We never outgrow the need for a family

Don’t forget November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This year, the focus is on older youth adoption. Clearly, we never outgrow the need for family. In this spirit, special discounts are offered to help families either explore adopting an older child or better meet the needs of the child they are already parenting.

Click here to explore our discounted courses and webinars.

Teach your Baby to Sign – 6 Week Series Begins Today at 10:00 am

81f275b8-a9e5-493b-a490-6744e785e9df Few Spots Left for this Monday’s Class!

This is a six week series starting June 2 and ending June 30.

Last Chance to Register! Begins this morning at 10:00 am.

Come sign with us! Your baby will be happy you did. Introducing infants and young children to sign language empowers them to be understood and gives you a special time to bond, learn, and communicate with your baby.  Help your baby to replace crying with communication as they learn to share their world with you through sign language.

Register here.

Adoption and Finances: Who knew there were so many opportunities!

Adoption Grant Writing Online Class – "What You Need To Know For Success!"

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The Adoption Grant Writing Online Class gives you the guidance needed to be successful in your adoption grant writing efforts. Get answers to your important questions:

  • Which adoption grants should I apply for?
  • What types of adoption grants are available?
  • How do I determine if it is even worth my time to apply?
  • Do my income and/or assets matter?
  • How do I get organized?
  • How do I write my family story?
  • What kind of information are grant organizations looking for?
  • How do I know if a grant organization is legit?
  • How can I protect my adopted child’s privacy but still convey their need?
  • Can I apply for more than one grant at a time?
  • Am I allowed to apply for grants and loans at the same time?

Offered by

Adult Adoptees’ Views of Open Adoption

A report compiled by Heart of the Matter Seminars

293f3dde2203aed4769c089a8447f2ae LEE’S SUMMIT, MISSOURI – 1-28-2013 – Heart of the Matter Seminars announces the release of the data gathered by their survey which captured the voices of 281 adult adoptees.  Because of the amount of interest shown, HOTMS has decided to make the full report public.  

Heart of the Matter Seminars’ conducted a survey of 281 adult adoptees on the topic of open adoption.  Since much of the research previously available focused exclusively on birth parent and adoptive parent interviews and surveys, our report is unique and provides compelling statistics for anyone interested in adoption.

Heart of the Matter provides research based education and practical parenting tools for today’s adoptive parents and professionals. Results from the survey will be used in the upcoming course entitled  . . .

Opening up Open Adoption: What is it and is it right for you?

.  .  . scheduled for release next month



Coming Soon!  Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc will soon incorporate this course as a part of our education package to new clients at no additional charge.  Look for details and an announcement soon.

Resources4Adoption Launches ADOPTION FINANCE UNIVERSITY ™
Program to streamline the adoption process through financial education classes

(Kansas City, KS) – Resources4Adoption, a Kansas-based organization specializing in financial planning assistance and guidance for adoptive families across the United States announces the launch of Adoption Finance University™, a 5-module series of online learning tools designed to assist adoptive families and families considering adoption with the steps, tools, resources, and guidance necessary to make their dreams a reality.

Adoption Finance University™ founder and Resources4Adoption CEO, Cherri Walrod says, “We’ve worked with hundreds of families over the years, assisting them with step-by-step insight into the intricacies of adoption and the sometimes insurmountable costs. With Adoption Finance University™, families will be able to study, learn, and navigate their way through the confusing and expensive adoption finance rules, regulations, and the ever changing landscape of domestic and international adoption. Whether you’re considering your first adoption or you and your family have successfully adopted already, Adoption Finance University™ is a game-changer that can eliminate the stress of figuring out how to afford adoption.”

Adoption Finance University™ module 100 will be offered for an introductory price through December 31, 2012. Adoption Finance University™ includes lifetime subscription to “The Connector”, the Resources4Adoption newsletter that brings the latest news, trends, solutions and suggestions for fundraising ideas to families, as well as access to our monthly webinar series where families can ask questions and get advice directly from Cherri Walrod and the Adoption Finance University™ team.

To learn more, visit

Learning from Adult Adoptees


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