Grant Waiting: "We have seen her smile, heard her voice and felt her touch"

Eden-2-214x300 Our family knows Eden.  We have seen her smile, heard her voice, and felt her touch.  One of us used to sleep right next to her for years, bonded to her like a sister.  This is why, as a family, we have been raising funds toward an agency grant for Eden to help alleviate the costs of adoption for a yet-to-be-found family who will eventually bring her home and provide her with the love, stability, support and medical treatments she needs.

Over the summer, we had a yard sale and also sold things at local consignment stores.  Friends and family donated items they no longer needed for us to use for this purpose.  Thank you to all who gave and made this fundraiser possible and to my cousin Maria for all of her help.  Along with a few additional cash donations, we raised $550.  The money has been paid into an agency grant fund designated for Eden at Hopscotch Adoptions and will be provided to the family committed to adopting Eden after a successful registration trip.

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Grant Organizations Friendly to Latter Day Saint Families


    Thanks to the Valenzuela family for sharing this list.

Reevaluating Child Welfare Priorities by Katie Jay

Katie Jay posted: "Children enter foster care because they are in danger. A child’s safety should be the first priority in any child welfare system, shouldn’t it? As a lawyer, I’ve been examining the role the judicial system plays in making sure children remain safe once.”


2014-01-04-14.20.06-e1421780390497-959x1024 A child’s safety should be the first priority in any child welfare system, shouldn’t it? As a lawyer, I’ve been examining the role the judicial system plays in making sure children remain safe once they have been removed from danger.

But when I look around at what our judicial system is actually doing, it becomes clear that our courts too often favor a parent’s right to autonomy over a child’s right to safety.

I don’t know why I am surprised. To give some legal background, our constitution is a “negative rights” instrument, which means that it obliges our government to not interfere with our lives unless necessary. So a parent’s right to privacy in how she raises her family is legally protected.

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Grants for Medical Reviews!!!!


sp "The adoption process can be a wild ride. It can be a time of great emotional swings—fear, excitement, grief, joy—that can make it difficult to always know the right next step for your family. Many of us have found support from the adoption community, a tight-knit group, historically ready to support other families in the adoption process. Though this support is very helpful, support from professionals who can come along side of us and prepare us in ways that we would not be able to ourselves is crucial.

We believe that the family is responsible to be as well prepared as possible for the major life change that adoption brings. One of the most significant ways you can prepare yourselves is to bring in medical professionals to work with you to understand what it means to bring a child out of an institution or foster home and transition him or her into a permanent home. Furthermore, when you review an available child’s paperwork or receive a referral, this child you have dreamed about is no longer a dream but is an actual child…perhaps your child. These professionals provide valuable insight during this process regarding what needs the child has and how to best care for him or her and help to prepare you to be the parents to that specific child. We want to encourage adoptive families to seek out a medical organization offering comprehensive support, a program that includes more than a quick review of some paperwork and a summary email or phone call, but rather an organization that (a) works with you pre-referral, (b) helps you work through any and all medical info provided when you first receive or are considering a referral, and (c) offers post-placement support.

Using a service like this is costly on top of an already expensive adoption process, especially since medical insurance will not cover these costs because the child is not an official dependant. However, it is an invaluable service that can bring real clarity when it is most needed. It is also where we come in. We find this service so important that we want to provide a way for families to enroll in these programs who otherwise would not be able to handle the expense. If you believe you would qualify, we encourage you to apply for a grant. If you do not think you would qualify but understand the benefit of these programs, we encourage you to partner with us and donate so others have the opportunity to take advantage of this service.

Basic Application Process:

  • Find a medical organization that offers this type of service
  • Determine if you need help paying for this service
  • Fill out The Sparrow Fund application. Click here to download the form.
  • Gather additional documents:
  • Copy of your initial home study and any subsequent updates
  • Copy of your most recent pay stub(s)
  • Letter from your adoption agency. Click here for a sample.
  • Copy of the application to the medical review service provider (if applicable)

Mail all the documents to:
The Sparrow Fund
Attn: Application Review
124 3rd Ave
Phoenixville, PA 19460

We will only accept applications from January through October. Any application received in November or December will not be reviewed until January.

The Sparrow Fund will review the application and determine if you qualify for the grant
and contact you as soon as possible."

Funding Your Adoption

Don’t forget this resource to fund your adoption:

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The Ties Program–Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys

It’s been a fantastic summer of travel, and now time to look forward…here’s the news…..

Gift of Identity Grants

A new fund has been set up to provide grants for international adoptees visiting their birth country. The first grants (up to $5000 each) will be given out for summer 2014 travel. Deadline for application is September 15, 2013. Gift of Identity is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization, and the only organization to provide grants to international adoptees traveling to their birth country.

Early Bird Discounts

Register for summer 2014 Ties programs by August 30, 2013 to receive a $100 per person discount.  Summer programs are open in Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Colombia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Korea, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam (and possibly Nepal).

Winter Program Availability

Ties programs to Vietnam, Cambodia and India are still taking registrations, but airline space is becoming very tight. If you are interested in travel to these countries, please prioritize making your plans to avoid last minute hassles.

Humanitarian Aid & Service Projects

World Ties is a 501(C)(3) non profit sister organization to The Ties Program. For nearly two decades, Ties families have provided humanitarian aid and done service projects around the world—helping people in their (or their child’s) country of birth. There is not a separate World Ties website. Rather, information is on each of our country pages on a tab marked “Project Kindness-World Ties.”


Thanks to Sarah Goth, Pinterester Extraordinare,

New! Journeys of Discovery focus on culture rather than adoption

You’ve asked. We’ve listened. While our traditional Ties programs (with an adoption focus) are exactly what some families are looking for, others have asked us to create non-adoption focused trips.  Our first Journeys program will be over Thanksgiving 2013 to Guatemala, and is open to families who have adopted from all countries.  More to come.

Autumn, Winter and Spring Speaking Events

Looking for a speaker for your upcoming event, or want to plan one for a group you participate in? We do a variety of workshops about birth country travel, but also on topics like  "Teens and Tweens: What I Would Tell You If I Could Find The Words" and "From Lifebooks to Facebook–Traveling Thru MySpace." See our Resources page for workshop information.

That’s the news!

Becca Piper
AP x 4, Bereaved Parent x 1
Founder & Co-Director, The Ties Program–Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys
Founder & Co-Director, World Ties–Home of Project Kindness
Co-Director, Journeys of Discovery–Global Journeys WITHOUT an adoption focus
Proud Board Member–Gift of Identity Fund….finally, funding for international adoptees on homeland journeys

Financing Your Adoption

129542860bd7ef6c2a7605cc0cf7de2b America’s Christian Credit Union believes every child deserves a forever family. Their adoption loan program has helped place over 700 children in loving homes. In addition to adoption loans, ACCU provides effective banking solutions to individuals and ministries that empower them to reach their financial goals while expanding God’s Kingdom. They have an extensive range of financial services and products, including checking, savings, mortgages, car loans, and investments. Every dollar entrusted to ACCU gets reinvested to build churches and fund ministries. ACCU members have led the fight against human trafficking, fed the homeless, nurtured the next generation of believers, and provided orphans with forever homes through their special Adoption Loan Program. They feel called to promote the cause of the orphan, and stand ready to help Christian families open their homes to needy children worldwide. Learn more by downloading this flyer.

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