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Who Are The Children Hopscotch Adoptions Serve?

While Father Christmas visited all the children of the world, these children may be some of the most beautiful and hope-filled children he visited. We happen to think so. Only, he could not yet bring the gift most wanted by all children… a forever family of their very own.
While many are touched by adoption, it is often forgotten that adopting a child is but only one way to help an orphaned child.

Of equal importance is your willingness to advocate for them by sharing positive adoption information, financially supporting others that are called and prepared to parent a child through adoption or simply   by being the friend, neighbor or family member that cheers an adoptive family on in their journey.

Make no mistake about this journey. The journey is difficult and long. The child waiting at the end of the family’s journey is worth every sacrifice necessary to bring them home.
Some of the faces in this video are home already, or soon to be, but most are still waiting.

Thanks for taking a moment to watch this video and share in their joy. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers that they too find their forever families.


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Happy New Year to Your Family from Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Your Hopscotch Family!


First Families and Holiday Letters. Here’s What You Need To Know.


Open Adoption: What to Share in Your Holiday Letter

Here’s how you can let your child’s first family know they are in your thoughts this holiday.

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Okay… This is Adorable. Two New US Citizen’s Celebrating America’s Birthday!

Source: http://martiniadoptionroad.blogspot.com/

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How to Make A New Citizen? #Adopt!

What could be more patriotic than making a waiting child a new US Citizen, through the gift of adoption?  Happy Birthday America!  We love you!


Happy Father’s Day from Hopscotch Adoptions


Thinking of you now and always. 

Happy Father’s Day from your friends at

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News From Armenia: A loving son, a fun brother – a fulfilling life.

Source: http://digital.olivesoftware.com

By Katie Martin


Some events in life are priceless such as weddings, graduations or births.

But for Christie Orta, an important life moment was a simple trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago.

“That one moment was worth more than every penny we paid and every tear that I cried, just to see him sitting in the ocean,” Christie said as she showed a video of her newly adopted son, Edgar, 4, playing in the surf.

“He was so excited he didn’t know what to do with himself,” she said. “He was flapping his arms so hard I’m surprised he didn’t fly away, he was just so excited.”

Since 2013 Christie and her husband, Raymundo Orta, have been working through the adoption process to bring Edgar, who has Down syndrome, home from Armenia. In February, they, along with their biological daughter, Laura, 9, officially became a family of four, bringing Edgar home to Savannah.

“I think he has completed our family in ways that we never thought he would. He’s made us a better family,” Christie said. “People have said he’s so blessed to be in a family now, but I think the opposite. We’re so blessed to have him.”

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From Your Friends at Hopscotch: Happy Mother’s Day!


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