With Travel Bans, Adoptions Grind To A Halt

By Mary Jackson of WORLD NEWS

An email sent to Nightlight Christian Adoptions staff members on Tuesday urged everyone to pray for 17 parents and their adopted children in various foreign countries. Amid the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic, many are stranded, separated from family members, quarantined, or unable to obtain the necessary paperwork to travel back to the United States with their adopted children.

“We’ve done everything we know to get them home, and we continue trying,” wrote Lisa Whitaker, international program coordinator at Nightlight, which has locations in 10 states.

COVID-19 has virtually halted international adoptions with lockdowns, travel bans, and visa restrictions, leaving dozens of families in dire circumstances.

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Ending international adoptions – WORLD Radio Blog

International Adoption

Fifteen years ago, Americans adopted nearly 23,000 children from other countries. By last year, that number had dropped to just over 4,000. Adoption advocates say it’s not because families lost interest. Government regulations—both at home and abroad—are making it much harder to place children from other countries into American homes.

Bethany Christian Services is the largest evangelical adoption agency in the United States. Last month, it announced it would end its international adoption program. WORLD Radio’s Anna Johansen reports now on what led to that decision.

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CAFO: 6 Take-Aways from Bethany Christian Services’ Decision to Cease International Adoptions

“We’re not just for international adoption.  And we’re not just for local adoption.  We’re for children knowing the protection, nurture and love of family.  That means we’re for both local adoption and international adoption…and much more besides.  And whatever our unique calling and specialization, we can all work together for these worthy ends”.
Jedd Medefind January 28, 2020

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Adoptee Citizenship Act–ACTION NEEDED!

The Adoptee Citizenship Act of 2019 (H.R. 2731 / S.1554) will provide automatic acquisition of United States Citizenship for certain internationally adopted individuals, and for other purposes. It would in part close the loophole for most adult adoptees who do not currently benefit from the Child Citizenship Act of 2000.

The passing of the Adoptee Citizenship Act will alleviate many of the devastating first-hand accounts we heard from several adult adoptees of what a struggle it has been to have never been granted citizenship years ago.  Can you even imagine growing up in the USA from infancy, and literally not being able to prove to your employer that you are eligible to work in the United States when you are 45 and the head of your household?   Or, imagine a single mistake involving law enforcement resulting in deportation back to a country you left as an infant,  where you do not speak the language, a culture that is unknown to you and you could not possibly obtain work to support yourself? Imagine the despair and terror you would experience. This is the reality for the adult adoptees this bill is meant to protect.

Hopscotch and many other child placing agencies are committing 2020 to strongly advocating for this bill be passed. We can’t do this without your help. The bill will die again without your support.

Do you have a moment to type a few words of support or share your personal story?  If so, this link can take you directly to your congressmen and women message board!


PodcastOne: How Government Is Killing International Adoption


children-goldenkpOverregulation of international adoption is driving the industry into extinction. Jayme Metzgar, senior contributor at The Federalist and founder of the adoption non-profit Romania Reborn, joins Ben Domenech to discuss major issues with the State Department’s adoption policies and the failure to advocate for adoption overseas.

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AdoptTogether’s Top 5 International Adoption Agencies – Humbled and Honored To Be Included!!!


We have compiled what we hope to be a helpful list of agencies that specialize in international adoption. DISCLAIMER: This list is in no way a comprehensive list of all the good adoption agencies in the US. There are plenty of great agencies out there that are not on our list and we kept it to the top 5 simply for the sake of providing parents with a concise list.

We made our selections based on our research of each agency’s reputation, efficiency, and reviews from adoptive parents. Each agency is COA & Hague approved. Best of luck to you and your family as you find the best fit for your needs!

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Department of State Continues to Wash Hands of Humanitarian Disaster


In this report, the State Department washed its hands of any responsibility for the decrease, citing external factors and mismanagement by U.S. adoption service providers.

But many international adoption advocates in the United States argue the report masks the real story – one in which the number of orphans languishing in institutional care and parents willing to adopt them has increased while onerous regulations and costs have strangled compliant, ethical U.S. adoption service providers.

Armenia is Open. Here’s What One Family Has to Share with You!

ARM Quotes 2019 1 (2)

Gift of Adoption Fund: Families Should Apply Now.

Happy New Year! Help us achieve our New Year’s Resolution

Our New Year’s Resolution is to reach a record number of children and families with the Gift of Adoption. As much as we try to get the word out about our grant program, we often hear from families who struggled financially to complete an adoption but did not hear about our grants until after their adoption was finalized and it was too late to apply for a Gift of Adoption grant.

Please tell your clients about Gift of Adoption. Any U.S. citizen with an approved home study and a financial need is encouraged to apply.

We also invite you to include information about Gift of Adoption on your website, on your social media, on blogs, and in info packets given to clients. We can provide verbiage for your website and brochures or 1-pagers to include in info packets. Just reply to this email and let us know what we can provide.

Gift of Adoption – the Universal Granter

Did you know that Gift of Adoption relies solely on the home study to determine a family’s financial, physical, and emotional fitness to parent the child(ren) they are adopting?

Gift of Adoption does not consider ANY of the following when reviewing grant applications:

  • Number of children in the home
  • Religion
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Race
  • Marital status
  • Fertility
  • Nationality
  • Child’s country of origin

Gift of Adoption is the oldest and largest provider of adoption assistance grants awarded without consideration of an applicant’s religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, race, or nationality.

We want to help your clients complete their adoption journeys. Please encourage them to apply. The application process begins here: https://giftofadoption.org/apply-for-a-grant/

Request the Gift of Adoption Grant Application

State Department Continues Its Cruel War On Adoption Agencies

SaveAdoptions_BRIDGE__3_Jayme Metzgar, a Senior Contributor with The Federalist, has written another stirring article about the State Department and its war on Adoption Agencies. The article was printed today and you can read it here. Please be sure to not only read this article, but share it with your contact list and forward it to your Congressman.

Thank you!

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