USCIS Fee for Certificate of Citizenship Will Increase on December 23, 2016

Fee Changes from USCIS Hague and Non-Hague Petitions and Certificate of Citizenship

Image2 On Monday October 24, USCIS published its final rule outlining changes in their fee schedule for services, including those for several adoption-related services.  You will note small fee increases for I-600/600As, I-800/800As, and a near-doubling of the fee to obtain a certificate of citizenship (N-600), which increases to $1,170.  The fee increases go to into effect on December 23, 2016. If you are filing any adoption related petition, be sure to reference the new fee schedule.  All this is very disappointing given the broadly expressed opposition to increasing the N-600 and that Congress even made their objections known.

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N-600 Certificate of Citizenship 95% Increase Hurts Children

American Flag. Dear Adoption Community:

USCIS has announced, via the Federal Register, proposed fee increases for some of their services, including those that impact adoptive families. You can learn more about the proposed fee increases and how to provide your comments here.

You can ask your Members of Congress to sign this letter regarding USCIS’s proposed adoption fee increases. The deadline to sign this letter is noon on this Thursday, June 30th. We’ll have to ask fast!

We encourage you to take 15 minutes to call the DC office of both of your Senators and your Representative. (Find them here.)

Here are some basic suggestions for that call:

  1. Ask to speak to the person who handles international adoption issues
  2. Ask them to ask their boss to sign the letter increasing USCIS fees for adoptive families
  3. Tell them to contact the offices of Senator Blunt, Senator Klobuchar or Representative Franks by noon on Thursday, June 30th to sign the letter.
  4. Ask for the staffer’s email to forward them a copy of the letter and explain how to sign on. (Check out the sample email below!)
  5. Don’t forget to send that follow-up email! Polite persistence helps get the job done!

You can send something like the below email to finalize your request:


Thanks for taking my call today! I hope Representative/Senator XYZ will support this letter to prevent burdensome USCIS fee cost increases from impacting adoptive families. 

Join Senators Blunt and Klobuchar, Representative Franks and others in this important effort to support adoptive families.

Please contact,, or by noon on this Thursday, June 30th to sign on to this important letter.

Thanks for supporting adoption and let me know if you have any questions!

URGENT for ADOPTIVE FAMILIES: USCIS Proposed Fee Increases and How to Respond

USCIS has announced via the Federal Register proposed fee increases for some of their services, including those that impact adoptive families. You can view the full proposed fee increases at the federal register here.

Specifically, the fee changes that will impact adoption are the following:


NCFA has reached out to USCIS to get further clarification on the impact on adoption and are planning to submit comments regarding the negative impact of these fee increases on adoptive families. Of particular concern is the 95% fee increase for Certificate of Citizenship.

We strongly encourage anyone with concerns about this change to provide your comments on the Federal Register by the July 5th deadline. We also hope you’ll contact your Members of Congress and ask others in your network to advocate and express their concerns.

Ways to Respond

Money%20Fee%20Funds%20Cash%2020151. Alert your Members of Congress (Senators and Representatives) that you are concerned about this proposed rule and ask them to respond.

Don’t know how to contact your Members of Congress: Find their info here:

2. Alert Adoptive Families and Advocates. Ask the adoptive families and other supporters in your community to reach out to their Members of Congress and provide comments on the proposed rule.

3. Provide Comments on the Proposed Rule

a. Submit Comments online at the Federal Register. Find the proposed rule here and click “Comment Now” (Blue box, upper-right of screen). An easy-to-complete form is provided. You may insert comments there or upload an attachment

b. Submit Comments by email. You may email comments directly to USCIS at Include DHS Docket No. USCIS-2016-0001 in the Subject line of your message.

c. Mail comments. You may send comments by mail to:

Samantha Deshommes, Acting Chief
Regulatory Coordination Division, Office of Policy and Strategy
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security
20 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20529-2020

d. Hand Delivery/Courier. You may submit comments directy to USCIS by having them delivered to:          

Samantha Deshommes, Acting Chief
Regulatory Coordination Division, Office of Policy and Strategy
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security
20 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20529-2020

Contact Telephone: 202-272-8377

Comment Tips

1. Clearly share what you disagree with in the proposed rule and where it is located in the rule.
2. Include a clear explanation of why you disagree.
3. Make a detailed request for what you’d prefer the change to be.

Attention: Visa Fee Increase


Visa processing fees being changed to $325.00?  A pretty big jump in price from $230.00.  Just trying to confirm.

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Petition update for New York Adoptive Families – Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Services

Dear New York Adoptive Parents and Adoption Professionals,
New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children just posted an update:

Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Services

1,188 supporters

Need you to call -Federal funding for post adoption services in jeopardy

New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children

Jul 31, 2014

HR 4980—Important Child Welfare Legislation which would fund post adoption services is in jeopardy because of Senator Coburn thinks it is too expensive and unneeded. We need as…

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NY State Access to Birth Records Status and Directory



For current advocacy activities in New York contact: Joyce Bahr or go to

CURRENT LAW:  Passive registry. Adult adoptees (18) and birth parents can register with the Adoption Information Registry to receive identifying information.  When a match is confirmed, registry will notify the parties and the court where the adoption occurred to request each registrant’s “final consent” to the release of information.  Upon receipt of the final consent, information is released.

The original birth certificate is available only upon order of the court.

American Adoption Congress supports state-by-state legislative efforts to obtain access for adult adoptees to their original birth certificates. AAC prefers unrestricted access to this document for all adult adoptees but will accept compromise legislation if, in the opinion of AAC and local supporters, such a compromise is necessary to obtain the greatest access for the greatest number of adopted persons.

NC State Access to Birth Records Status and Directory


HB1463, signed into law by Governor Beverly Perdue on July 21, 2010, expands the Confidential intermediary program.

HB1463 will allow adoptees age 18 (instead of 21) and older to be able to use the CI program. It will also allow:

  • Adult biological siblings of adult adoptees
  • Adult biological half siblings of adult adoptees
  • Adult family members of deceased adoptees
  • Adult family members of a deceased biological parent to use the Confidential Intermediary program.
    This bill also allows an agency acting as a Confidential Intermediary to obtain a certified copy of a death certificate of the person who is the subject of the search and deliver it to the person who is searching.

For more information please contact Roberta MacDonald  or go to

Adoption Notice: Adoption Processing in Armenia


Reminder: Adoption Processing in Armenia

May 12, 2014

This Adoption Alert is a follow up to the Alert of March 13, 2014

The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan has received reports that prospective adoptive parents are being given misleading information about the adoption process in Armenia.  Specifically, there may be misleading information as to who is authorized to provide adoption services and which children are eligible for intercountry adoption.  

Please note that Armenian law does not authorize professional facilitators, adoption agencies, or attorneys to provide adoption services in Armenia; it allows prospective adoptive parents and adoption service providers to grant a power of attorney to an individual to handle most aspects of the adoption process on their behalf.  These individuals can only provide limited legal services and complete the process in Armenia through direct contact with the Ministry of Justice.

Contact information for the adoption authority and the U.S. Embassy in Armenia is listed below:


The Ministry of Justice
41A Halabyan Street
Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: 374-10-319-093

The Department of State will provide updated information on as it becomes available.  If you have any questions about this notice, please contact the Office of Children’s Issues at 1-888-407-4747 within the United States, or 202-501-4444 from outside the United States.  Email inquiries may be directed to

There Are No Words…. and it happens every day. Every day.


Amid Outrageous Demands to Bring Sick Children Home, US State Department Keeps Their Cool

1965046_10100309213281211_241057525_n I am 16 months into a high risk pregnancy.

So I go about my life, doing small things every day to advocate for my child. I am not the newbie who got hysterical one year ago, in a roomful of hopeful parents waiting like me, some waiting much longer. Today, I can’t sit around all the time thinking about the awful reality that my child is trapped in. I have learned that with international adoptions, frustration and powerlessness becomes everyone’s new normal.

But sometimes the reality of what we adoptive parents face breaks through.

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What’s New With You and How To Record It


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is pleased to introduce a new version of our online tool that allows customers to change their address more quickly and easily.

Beginning today, the easy to use Change of Address tool is online at Customers will simply complete a single form with questions that guide them through the process. In addition, the updated tool is now compatible with multiple Web browsers and confirms the change by email.

The enhanced Change of Address tool is the result of customer feedback. Along with this improvement, we are soon enhancing other customer service tools on the Web and offering new options for customers calling our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. As a reminder, USCIS offers its customers a number of online self-help tools. Applicants and their representatives can check case status, find average processing times, submit a case status inquiry (e-Request) or find a USCIS office any time at

On November 1, USCIS will host a webinar for stakeholders and customers interested in learning more about the enhanced Change of Address tool and other online self-help tools. For more information and to register, please view the attached invitation or visit

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