Petition update – Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Service

Aug 11, 2014 — After consultation with national adoption advocates and Senators that support the bill, Voice for Adoption is requesting individuals not call Senator Coburn’s office directly about this bill. There is concern that too many calls to Senator’s Coburn’s office may actually be counterproductive. Voice for Adoption and other adoption advocates will be working behind the scenes this August. If you want to visit with or call your Senator in their home office during the legislative summer break feel free to mention your support for HR 4980 but please do not mention Senator Coburn by name.

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Petition update for New York Adoptive Families – Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Services

Dear New York Adoptive Parents and Adoption Professionals,
New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children just posted an update:

Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Services

1,188 supporters

Need you to call -Federal funding for post adoption services in jeopardy

New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children

Jul 31, 2014

HR 4980—Important Child Welfare Legislation which would fund post adoption services is in jeopardy because of Senator Coburn thinks it is too expensive and unneeded. We need as…

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CHIFF Momentum is Growing… Watch This Video!

The momentum is building for CHIFF! In the last 24 hours, over 1,500 people have signed the petition and hundreds more have ‘Liked’ CHIFF on Facebook. Let’s keep sharing the petition and the need for this life changing bill.

Below is a video explaining CHIFF. Feel free to share it as you continue to share with your contacts throughout the week. Together, we can make a huge impact!

Let’s keep the momentum going! Keep spreading the word about CHIFF and together we can change the future for children who need our help.

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Support CHIFF—Children In Families First


The safest place for a child is in the loving arms of a parent. Children without a family are at higher risk for trafficking, forced labor, and abuse. Learn how you can help. Support CHIFF Children In Families First at #SupportCHIFF

The Step Forward for Orphans March

Friday, May 17
Washington, D.C.

Our final premiere will be May 16, in Washington, D.C.. The next day, we’ll gather as a group to deliver copies of the petition to legislators on Capitol Hill in the Step Forward for Orphans March. Details are still being finalized, but we invite you all to join us!

The March
Starting time will be 1 PM, Friday, May 17, beginning near the Capitol (location to be announced) and finishing at Upper Senate Park. We’re in the process of arranging a block of hotel rooms at a nearby location—we’ll let you know once those plans are finalized.

If you plan to arrive a day or two before, we want to encourage you to set an appointment with your local legislators to meet with them prior to the march to personally discuss reforms in the international adoption process.

Both Ends Burning Campaign

Dear Hopscotch Adoptions Families,

My name is Craig Juntunen, and I am the founder of the Both Ends Burning Campaign, a non-profit foundation dedicated to creating a culture of adoption.  My guess is you are as angry and frustrated as I am with the eight straight years of decline in international adoptions in our country and around the world, especially in light of the available and abundant solution in the form of families who would like to adopt these children.

About Both Ends Burning.

Both Ends Burning is leading a movement to demand change, and we invite you  to join forces with us to create the political and social will to drive real change and ultimately reverse the declining trend line in adoptions.

Our first step in working together is to expose the issue so we can be in a position to promote solutions. We are taking on the monumental task of a 60-city barnstorming tour to form a loud and proactive voice for the children who are currently being ignored. You can influence the outcome of this tour.

STUCK the documentary premieres in Raleigh and Charlotte.

The centerpiece for the tour is the new, award-winning documentary STUCK.  We will premier the film in Raleigh on March 2 and Charlotte on March 3. In Raleigh the screening will take place at the Grand 16.  The Charlotte premier will be at the Northlake Mall 14 Theater.

To see the trailer for the film, learn more about both the tour and our volunteer needs and to purchase tickets for the premiere in your city, please go to

STUCK is a testament to the power of human love and the undeniable connection between parent and child – even when separated by thousands of miles and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is a love story of a different kind that celebrates the human spirit, the loyalty and the devotion that bonds these parents and kids together as families.

Our request to you.

To make the greatest possible impact for the children, it is paramount to increase awareness of the issue. You can help by spreading the word and inviting everyone in your network to join us by sending them this link: STUCK. Urge them to be part of the experience in Raleigh and Charlotte and in other cities during the tour. By doing so, you will help create the necessary momentum and take the first step in changing children’s lives.

The tour culminates in Washington, D.C. on May 17. That afternoon we will lead the Step Forward for Orphans March when we will deliver the million signatures gathered on the petition to members of Congress. You can sign the petition now by clicking here. Please put this important date on your calendar. I invite you to come to D.C. in May to join us as we march together. There will be a gala that night to celebrate the new beginning the tour has created.

I hope I have inspired you to become involved and join forces with us. The kids we are working for need a team effort and your energy will make a difference.

Thank you for your support,

Craig Juntunen
Founder, Both Ends Burning
16009 N. 81st St. Suite 130
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

NYSCCC Petition

This message is from Sarah Gerstenzang who started the petition “Governor Andrew Cuomo: NYS Should Fund Statewide Post Adoption Services ,” on

We have added 100 signatures in the last 24 hours to the NYSCCC petition to support, preserve, and expand Post Adoption Services in NY state. We have less than 400 to go to reach our goal of 1,000 signatures.

Please take a few minutes to share the petition link with your email contacts and facebook friends. The more people we reach the bigger impact we will have. If each signer recruits only 3 more signers we could reach close to 2,000 easily.

Thanks to those of you who have already passed it on, we have seen a 50% increase since Monday – let’s keep it going!

View the petition

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