Hopscotch Adoptions Newsletter: Playgrounds, Autumn 2013

HS-newslttr-9-30-13 1In this Issue…

Letter From Our Executive Director
Universal Accreditation Act
Welcome Home
When Waiting Hurts
Hopscotch Book Review
Volunteer Spotlight
Culture Clash
You Said It…We Heard It
If We Haven’t Met Before…

Download Playgrounds, Autumn 2013 (PDF)


Hopscotch Adoptions Newsletter: Playgrounds, Fall 2011

In this issue:

Playgrounds Fall 2011

Playgrounds Fall 2011

  • Letter from the Executive Director
  • Program Updates
  • Different Like Everyone Else
  • Did You Know?
  • Here and There…
  • Koloyan Project
  • Welcome Home!
  • You Said It…We Heard It!
  • Helpful Resources
  • If We Hadn’t Met Before

Download Playgrounds, Fall 2011 (PDF)

Hopscotch Newsletter, Playgrounds, is Re-introduced

BabyHopscotch Adoptions is pleased to re-introduce our newsletter, Playgrounds.  Playgrounds will appear on Hopscotch’s website each quarterly and a link to Playgrounds will be sent to you by email.  If you have any problems opening the link, please contact Megan Gardinier, Senior Administrative Assistant.If you have a topic, photo, accomplishment or story idea, we want to hear from you.  Michelle Moreau, MSW is collecting news for our next installment.Thank you and enjoy!
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