News From Georgia: Three Success Stories And A Gift For You!

Dear Friends,

With your support, AFG has been helping Georgians in need for 20 years! Since our founding in 1994, AFG projects in Georgia have provided food, medicine, shelter, education, health care and most of all, Hope, where its needed desperately. We look forward to continuing this help, fostering grass roots projects that provide direct assistance.

Three Success Stories:

Alona, David and Elizbar received care and housing through the Dzegvi Orphanage & Bediani Village Homes project which serves abandoned street children with nowhere else to go. Today they are blossoming professionals getting

ready to contribute to their community’s future! Their pictures and stories are below. We are so happy to share this good news and in honor of International Children’s Day, on June 1st in Georgia and June 8th in America, we are having a week long celebration.

First Shelter Dzegvi Orphanage in early 1990s

Homes for street children as they grew and became educated were purchased in the village of Bediani


Please join us in celebrating our week of honoring International Children’s Day ( ICD) by sending a tax deductible donation to AFG. The first donor to send $100 or more by June 8 will receive a bottle of fine Georgian wine as a gift!

Our Thanks to Mamuka Tsereteli and for donating this beautiful, well-balanced choice from the Kakheti region.



Pictured below is Alona. She lived at Dzegvi Orphanage with her three siblings, one of whom was a twin. She studied painting at the Fine Arts Institute and currently works as an Art and Music teacher at Bediani Public School.


Below is David. In the first photo he is newly arrived at Dzegvi. In the second he has moved to Bediani and in the third, he is studying dentistry at the Mukhadze Medical Institute ( pictured with his friend Elizbar). He is now working as a Dental Technician for Procelain Prosthetics at the Eka-Dent Clinic.


Third is Elizbar. On the left you can see his love for animals in Dzegvi. In the middle, he is in Bediani with his dog and his sister. On the right, he is pictured while studying at the Mukhadze Medical Institute. He also studied at the Georgian Agrarian University. He worked at Zooplaza veterinary clinic and currently runs a family farm with his wife in Kakheti.

Since 1995, AFG has helped Mother Mariam and her lay volunteers raise 120 street children outside of Tbilisi in Dzegvi Orphanage and in Bediani Village. Over the years, 25 of these 120 have been assisted by AFG with scholarship funds and living stipends to continue their post secondary education.

Please consider a gift today to support this successful, life changing project.

For more information and background on this project please visit:

Thank you so much for your generous support of AFG projects that are giving hope to traumatized people facing great difficulty.


Marusya Chavchavadze and Lena Kiladze


Gifted Garner Teen Embraces Both His Natural Talents and Challenge



The Johnson family is near and dear to my heart.  After having adopting their beautiful Georgian daughter Lela, she insisted nearly every day that they save meals, seats, toys, etc for Nika…. the Johnsons began to wonder if Nika was an imaginary friend.  Soon they learned that Nika was Lela’s best friend from Tskhneti orphanage and they knew they had to return to bring him home too.  I had the honor to escort Nika from Tbilisi to Moscow and remember his cries for his beloved care-giver Zara.  It was emotionally gut wrenching to see how painful the separation was for him.  Today we are looking back and seeing the amazing, no, seemingly impossible achievement he has mastered.  Nika is a conqueror and together with his dear sister Lela, they are perfect examples of the importance of a permanent and loving family.

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Georgian Program Announcement!

geo program announcement

Georgian Program News:

Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc is now accepting five applications for our Georgian program.  The children available for adoption will have moderate to severe special needs and range in age from 1 to 13 years.  Georgia is open and referrals are being made!

Minimal Financial Commitment:

The program has such promise that we are offering each family the opportunity to register their dossier for the cost of shipping and translations of their dossier $400.00 and Hopscotch agency application fee of $250.00.  Final Agency and International Service Fees will be due upon receipt of the Article 16 package is issued by the Georgian Social Service Agency.   This is a very affordable program.

Registration is Easy and Fast: The initial dossier submission does not require a I-800A approval to be registered with the Ministry of Health’s Social Service Agency.  If you have a completed and approved home study for another country, speak with your home study agency about their ability to provide a new home study with a country change only.  You’ll need a few other basic documents and you’ll be set to register.

Single Trip:

You’ll make a single trip to start and complete your adoption from Georgia.  Expect to stay in Georgia approximately 15-21 days total!

Comfortable & Safe:

Georgians love Americans!  You’ll be welcomed and treated with the greatest of hospitality.  The Georgian lifestyle is very comfortable and has wonderful food, culture, arts and nature to enjoy during your stay.

Why Hopscotch?

Hopscotch has had a team in Georgia even before Hopscotch Adoptions existed.  We’ve been assisting children into families since 1995.   We have a wonderful attorney who is experienced, compassionate and well regarded by the Social Service Agency of Georgia, Georgian courts and the US Embassy.     

Getting Started: for more information on how to get started today.  *To qualify for this limited program offer, you must submit your dossier  within 60 days of application to Hopscotch.    I-800A approval NOT required for intial dossier submission

"I’m already in a program with another agency and the wait is unbearable like all other international programs.  Why would I want to consider registering a dossier with Georgia or start a concurrent adoption process?"

Start to Finish: Expect 9-10 months to complete an adoption from Georgia upon referral acceptance. 

"I had a dossier registered in Georgia many years ago with another agency.  Can I work with Hopscotch to begin an adoption with a dossier registered by another agency?"


We’re Excited & Hope You Are Too!   

Robin Sizemore
Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc

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Please Join Us to Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Georgian Association in the USA


Please join us to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Georgian Association in the USA. The Anniversary Reception will take place at St. Regis hotel, 923 16th and K Street, NW, on December 12, 6-8 pm, in Washington, D.C. The reception is co-hosted by the America-Georgia Business Council and will follow the 15th annual conference of the  Business Council.

Please confirm your participation by RSVP to Nino Aduashvili at
Warm Regards,

Mamuka Tsereteli, President
Nino Aduashvili, Executive Director
Georgian Association in the USA, Inc.

The Georgian Association in the United States of America was founded in 1932 by Georgian immigrants following Russia’s occupation of Georgia in 1921 and the unsuccessful insurrection in 1924. Founders of the Association were dedicated Georgians hoping to reestablish an independent democratic state of Georgia. The Association has assisted in maintaining public awareness of the Georgian Nation and preserving Georgia’s identity and culture. The Association has provided a forum for discussing Georgian issues and has been a unifying entity for Georgian concerns. The Georgian Association is a nonpartisan nationwide membership organization of Georgian-Americans and friends of Georgia that advocates for Georgia and Georgian issues in the U.S. It is the oldest organization in the U.S. representing the Georgian American community. It’s mission is to strengthen and support the Georgian-American community on a national level and to support an independent, democratic and prosperous Georgia.

Georgian Association Announces Small Grant Program to Establish Georgian Language and Culture Schools Around the Unites States

The Georgian Association of America has been supporting the establishment of a Georgian Language and Culture Program for the Georgian-American community of the Washington, DC area. The program provides weekend instruction to the community’s children between 3-12 years of age to help them maintain their language skills and increase awareness of Georgian history and culture. Building on the success and experience of the Washington, DC Program, the Association wishes to support other Georgian-American communities interested starting their own programs and to share the successful experiences of Washington, DC’s Georgian community.

The Georgian Association of America is offering modest grants (up to $2,000 per grant, maximum 2 grants per year) to local Georgian-American community organizations seeking to preserve and promote Georgian language and culture among their children. Grants provide start-up funding – primarily to pay the rent for the first couple of month, or/and to compensate teacher to help interested communities to establish their own language and culture programs. In addition, the Association will provide technical support and materials to help local teachers create a curriculum and establish part-time/weekend Georgian language and culture classes.

In order to qualify for funding, recipient communities will be expected to provide a plan describing how they will start and maintain their programs, including such information as identification of a public space for holding classes, number and age range of anticipated students, as well as a scheme for financing the program. The Georgian Association of America is prepared to advise communities in preparing their plans, as needed. In addition, communities should identify at least one teacher candidate who will undertake the following tasks:

  • Provide basic, intermediate, and/or advanced conversational language instruction to children that incorporates Georgian history, culture, and art;
  • Evaluate children’s language level and provide academic counseling to parents;
  • Plan and prepare weekly curriculum for children of different age groups and language abilities;
  • Research and locate teaching resources and materials;
  • Interact with families in person and in writing on an on-going basis;
  • When possible, engage in sharing of experience with other Georgian community teachers.


  • Native Georgian speaker;
  • Experience tutoring/teaching, particularly general knowledge of and strong interest in young children, child development and/or education;
  • The ideal candidate will have at least three years experience teaching children;
  • College equivalent degree in Georgian Language/Philology, Education, or related field of study;
  • A strong passion for teaching Georgian language, history, culture, and art;
  • Extensive experience preparing and presenting language instruction is a plus;
  • Must be a nurturing and caring person, who genuinely enjoys working with young children;
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and able to plan and work independently;
  • Detail-oriented and able to produce high-quality work.

To Georgian communities around the USA:

Please, submit your Language Program plans, CV of the teacher and cover letter to the Georgian Association no later than April 1, 2012 to Please, specify “Georgian Language School” in the subject line of your e-mail.

Ia Meurmishvili
Executive Director
Georgian Association in the United States

The Georgian Association is a nonpartisan nationwide membership organization of Georgian-Americans and friends of Georgia that advocates for Georgia and Georgian issues in the U.S. it is the oldest organization in the us representing the Georgian-American community.

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