Armenian Donor Trip 2017 – Offered by the Armenia Fund



The guide: 24 top places to eat, shop and see in Georgia’s stylish capital


An intoxicating blend of ancient and modern, Tbilisi is bursting with architectural gems, tucked-away eateries and late-night hangouts. Little wonder then, that visitors are flocking there. Here’s our edit of the city’s finest attractions.

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News from Georgia: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Visits Tbilisi, Georgia!


By Anthony Bourdain

Georgia's 'hangover soup' (CNN)I was late to Georgia.

My flight was stuck in Istanbul and we’d had only a small window to shoot in the off season resort city of Batumi, so a last minute substitute was called in.

Like John Shaft, he’s a complicated man.

Like Wolf Blitzer, he’s got the credentials and experience to tackle any subject.

Like Bambi, a struggling medical student, he WILL pole dance if no other employment options exist.

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How to “S#@t” Around the World by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howart

513qZJDJ0iL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ If you travel or dream of traveling – you can relate!

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How To Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick

By Jodi Ettenberg


Read How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick. This is a super helpful piece on how to enjoy street eats on your travels.

Conan Visits Armenia

Conan learns about the intricate art of rug-making in Armenia—in the most awkward way possible.

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Conan Visits Armenia

Conan learns an Armenian folk dance, and in return, teaches the dancers the ol’ American razzmatazz.

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Conan Visits Armenia

Conan promised Sona’s family he’d find her an Armenian husband, but the pickings are a bit slim.

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Conan Visits Armenia

Conan & his assistant Sona drop by a Yerevan market to pick up everything from dried apricots to "Armenian Viagra."

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Drone Views for Gyumri, Armenia – Beautiful!!





Gyumri city stadium

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