News from Morocco: Hopscotch Urgently Seeks Muslim Families for Morocco Program



Moroccan News Story Interviews with Waiting Children!

If you loved the Moroccan News Story about the Circular and Want More, We Have it!  Check out this longer version that include interviews with sweet boys waiting for forever families.  Maybe they are waiting for your family.

See Video.


News from Morocco: Congratulations to our Hopscotch Family!!

News from Morocco: Congratulations to our Hopscotch Family!!  Yesterday a beautiful baby boy joined his forever family.  Hurry Home!!   


All American Girl with a Moroccan Heart and Soul

News From Morocco

Hopscotch family returns to the US with a beautiful baby boy today.  He is such a sweet baby and the family is so happy!  Thrilled for all of you!!!

News from Morocco

Hopscotch family leaves tonight for their final trip to bring their baby boy home from Morocco!  Travel Safely!!

News From Morocco

MOROCCO: Not ONE, but TWO Kefalas issued today!!!! Congratulations to Hopscotch families. One beautiful baby girl and one beautiful baby boy. We are thrilled for you and wish you a speedy process to bring your children home. We’ll post again when they are home.

Adoption News From Morocco

Hopscotch family on their way to meet their baby girl!! Congrats!!

Morocco: Congrats to our Hopscotch Family Today!

Letter of Execution received today and baby is with family – forever! Sweetest baby boy!!!

News from Morocco

Hopscotch family arrived safely to Morocco. Meeting their new little boy this week! Wishing them all the best of luck…

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