5 Tips for Parenting Harder to Parent Adopted Kids

Source: https://creatingafamily.org

By Dawn Davenport


Sometimes parenting feels like we are soaring. Everything is clicking—we get the kids out the door in the morning without a major tantrum and we’re no more than 10 minutes late, we are eating semi-nutritious meals most days, and the little darlings are in bed with a minimum of fuss and teeth more or less brushed most nights.

Then there are times when it feels like we are slugging it out in the trenches. Often it is one particular child that puts us there. Perhaps this child was adopted at an older age after experiencing trauma, or maybe she has brain damage  caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol or drugs, or maybe this child’s temperament is a really poor match for yours. Whatever the reason, some kids are simply more challenging to parent.

When you are in the trenches it’s hard to see a way out. It’s at those times that you need some “quick” tips and tricks to help you cope. Read over these tips every week until you start to climb your way out of the parenting depths.

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How To Tackle Tough Adoption Talks

Talking about adoption

TUESDAY July 8: 7:00 PM CT

Tackling Tough Adoption Talks

Talking to your child about adoption can be joyful…and sometimes difficult. You may not have all of the information she wants, some details may be tough to hear, or your child just may not want to talk about it. But talking, even about the tough stuff, is an essential part of what adopted kids need from their parents.

Learn from an expert
Join Jayne Schooler for great tips on how to tackle tough talks when:

· Kids don’t want to talk

· Siblings have different stories and different available information

· You’re not sure of the answers

Insight from an adopted person
Jayne will be joined by Carmen Knight who was adopted internationally. Carmen will give real life examples of how her parents incorporated adoption into her life – even when it wasn’t an easy task.

Last Chance To Register: Top 10 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew Webinar

top tenLast Chance to Register!
Top 10 Things Adopted Kids  Wish Their Parents Knew

TOMORROW! Tuesday,  May 14
7PM Central
Q&A: 8PM

"I really wanted to excel in all the things I did….I was afraid my parents would wonder if their biological child would be better.  I never wanted them to have that feeling of regret or sadness that they’d never know."
-Steve was adopted from Korea and will join our panel

Understanding your child’s feelings about adoption is essential, so how do you gain some insight?

We’ve gathered a panel of adopted people to answer your questions and discuss:

  • What they wish their parents had known
  • Their feelings about loss, shame and anger and their love for their parents
  • What feelings they shared with their parents and what they kept to themselves


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