Hopscotch State Department Conference Call Regarding Russian Adoption

The Hopscotch staff have just finished a State Department conference call and wanted to inform families that the Consul section of the US embassy in Moscow, will be working Saturday and Monday to process children’s visa with same day processing if you have a completed I-600. In addition, the state department will be monitoring/responding to emails from any family in process with a referral from Russia throughout the weekend and holiday.

Saturday is a working day for the Russian government and our state department is urging families with the 30 day court required waiting period completed, to obtain any final documents by close of business on Saturday in order to allow them to process your child’s visa prior to January 1, 2013 when the ban goes into effect.

The State Department is urging all families with an active case in Russia to connect with their office via email russiaadoption@state.gov

There is a huge task force working tirelessly from virtually every state department office. Hopscotch appreciates the gravity of how serious this development is and the level of attention it has received from our government on behalf of American families and Russian orphans.

Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you during this most difficult time.

Robin, Sarah, Michelle, Megan, Heather, Elizabeth and the Hopscotch Adoptions Board of Directors.

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