Mothers of children with Down syndrome Survey

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My name is Amanda Smith. I am conducting a survey of biological and adoptive mothers of children with Down syndrome for my dissertation. I have been more successful in receiving responses from biological mothers. I am trying to now reach more mothers who have adopted.

Overall, the purpose of this research is to understand the feelings and experiences of being a mother in general and being a mother to a child with Down syndrome. The survey will take no longer than 5 minutes. The first page of the survey is a welcome letter that will inform those who click on the link that their information is confidential and the survey is anonymous.  If you would forward on this link to my survey to any support groups or parent groups you may have, I would be incredibly grateful. If anyone completes the survey and would like more information  or would like to share about their experiences, please don’t hesitate to send them my email address.

Mothers of children with Down syndrome Survey

Hello! As a caregiver of a child with Down syndrome you know firsthand the trials and successes you feel as a parent and for your child. Being a mother gives you experiences that are identical to no one else.

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Thank you for your time!

Amanda A Smith, Ed.S.


UN Report Expresses Concern Over Protection of Vulnerable Children in Morocco

It is great to see that the UN is urging Morocco to support unwed mothers and to consider adoption as a viable option, along with kinship and foster/kefala/guardianship.  The UN notes that Moroccan children are vulnerable to be taken into domestic servitude, without stronger measures in place.  


By Colin Kilkelly

timthumb.php In particular, the committee is concerned that article 490 of the Moroccan Criminal Code punishes sexual relations outside marriage, resulting in dozens of babies being abandoned every day in the country.

The committee also expressed deep concern at the stigmatization and social rejection of single mothers in Morocco, of whom one third are adolescents. It also expressed concern over the serious consequences of this social rejection for their children, many of whom do not have identification documents or birth certificates, resulting in them having no legal existence.

The Committee’s report urged the Moroccan government to repeal article 490 and to provide unmarried mothers with support to enable them to take care of their children. It also called on the government to protect the rights of pregnant teenagers, adolescent mothers, and their children.

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