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It’s Your Second Chance to Enjoy Georgian Culture, Food, Music and Art.

a46c956ff0f82cf325d8b3ca18ef80f5 It’s Your Second Chance to Enjoy Georgian Culture, Food, Music and Art: Russian, Georgian, American Food ~ International Fall Festival hosted by Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church in Roswell, GA Saturday, September 20th 11:00-5:30p & Sunday, September 21st 11:30-5:00pm

National Adoption Day

In celebration of National Adoption Day on Saturday, November 17, I wanted to share a very special music video with you. “You Just May Be” reminds us all that anyone can make a difference in the life of a child without a family—all you have to do is say, “Yes!” Happy National Adoption Day!

The Music of Mariam Matossian

Mariam Matossian: Nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award (Outstanding World Music Album of the Year for her album In the Light) and two Canadian Folk Music Awards (Traditional Album of the Year for In the Light and Best New/Emerging Artist) in 2008, Mariam Matossian is an example of the musical treasures that exist in the world next door. Vancouver born and raised, Mariam has been collecting traditional Armenian folk songs and creating her own melodies since she was a child and initially, singing them mainly in her community. Most of the traditional songs she sings have been passed down through her family — songs that have been favorites of her grandmother and her mother, and now they have become her own favorites.

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Redjeb Jordania’s “Concerto Classico for Percussion Solo” and “Symphonic Winds” New Edition Released

The Georgian Association in the U.S. would like to share the following information with you:

In honor of Redjeb Jordania’s 90th birthday, Driftwood Press
is releasing a new edition of his seminal
Concerto Classico for Percussion Solo and Symphonic Winds

Russian Federal Orchestra, Vakhtang Jordania conductor,
Alexei Amosov Percussion Solo

Also included on the CD is Redjeb’s

Perkiomen Suite
Original 1963 recording with the composer at the piano
(to hear samples, go to below or download attached)

About the Music
Loosely inspired by Prokofief’s Classical Symphony, the Concerto Classico for Percussion and Symphonic Winds is written in an accessible musical idiom within a traditional four-part format, while the percussion part is limited to instruments commonly used in classical times. Paradoxically lyrical at times, it displays high virtuosity throughout, particularly in Part 4 with its Georgian dance rhythms as well as in the cadenzas and the intricate concluding sequence.

Master-percussionist Evelyn Glennie writes: “Your Concerto Classico for Percussion looks wonderfully exciting and fun! The performance given by the Russian Federal Orchestra and Alexei Asomov is wonderful. The writing for the winds is challenging and effective, as is the percussion.”

The Perkiomen Suite is named after the eastern-Pennsylvania village where the composer landed coming practically straight from Paris in 1960. It is comprised of eight light-hearted sound-sketches depicting people and events of the locality, not forgetting the HEX signs so ubiquitous in the region.


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