Save Adoptions — Phase II


Dear families,

Less than 5 months ago, we were facing the imposition of new regulations from the Department of State which would have raised the cost of adoptions for our client families, created financial and operational obstacles for our agencies and guaranteed the continued decline in intercountry adoptions.

Eighty-eight agencies and other adoption service providers stepped up and signed an open letter to the Department of State urging that these proposed regulations be withdrawn.  In addition, almost 28,000 adoption supporters joined us and signed our Petition to the Department of State.  On April 4th, our collective voices were heard and the proposed regulations were withdrawn.

Whether you supported our efforts or not, we urge you to continue to fight the attack on intercountry adoptions.  We have tasked our web site to continue the fight.  For the next 4-6 weeks, we will be highlighting the travesty in Nepal.  Whether you have, or would like to adopt from Nepal, or maybe you just care about suffering children, you can’t be happy about the blanket suspension of adoptions from Nepal which has been in place for over 6 years, despite no proof of the fraudulent documentation alleged by USCIS.

First, take a look at the updated web site.  Second, please use your mailing lists to urge your family and friends to sign the plea to lift the Nepal suspension.  We had 27,949 signatures before updating the web site, so we will know how many adoption supporters sign on for this next phase of intercountry adoption support.  Your signature will Support the Cause of Nepalese orphans. If you have already signed the original petition, know that this is a new petition and your signature is vital. 

Thank you for considering this important issue and getting involved.  (Share, re-tweet, or send an email)


Nepal: For many reasons, please do not send material goods

Nepal%20Flag From our Partners of Joint Council of International Children’s Services:

Last week, Joint Council listened in on a White House Nepal briefing call led by Gayle Smith, Senior Director of the National Security Council.  Here are some of the important takeaways from the call in regards to providing assistance on the ground:

For many reasons, please do not send material goods. 

  • The transportation infrastructure is currently overloaded and sending goods that do not have proper transport avenues in place will put even more of a burden on the system.
  • A high percentage of material goods that are donated during these crises do not reach the victims. 
  • Food items that are not in the local diet can do more harm than good in helping the victims recover.
  • By providing free goods, it can harm the local vendors and can prevent the overall economy from recovering.
  • If you have already collected material goods to send, please visit CIDI’s page on 55 Ways to Repurpose a Material Donation.
  • Cash donations are the best option in order to provide the quickest, most effective form of assistance.  Cash contributions allow relief organizations to immediately purchase exactly what is needed without the cost or delay of transportation.  Cash also allows relief organizations to purchase from local vendors, thus stimulating the local economy.
  • Please only send volunteers with the necessary technical skills and experience to aid in the disaster recovery.  

Please send these guidelines to anyone organizing relief efforts for the Nepal earthquake.

OUR Government Was Wrong!

Will they admit it?

BEB_WhiteTextdbf915 I encourage you to join us on Tuesday, June 3rd, for our most interesting and provocative stakeholder call to date.

This stakeholder call will mark the announcement and public release of our Nepal report, documenting the harmful actions of our own government and the consequences that resulted to innocent children and their adoptive families.

In conjunction with the release of this report, we are also requesting the removal of the suspension of adoptions from Nepal.

We will also provide an update on the latest developments in DRC.  Our collective voice on behalf of the children stuck by the DRC suspension is beginning to produce results. This week, 15 of these children are being allowed to go home to their families. Thank you for your assistance in helping to make this happen.

But there are many more children still stuck in DRC, and we are not giving up on them. We have a lot more work to do for these children to come home.

Please join us on Tuesday for another important step in our journey.


Tuesday • June 3 • 1:00 PM EST

Phone number: 1-866-576-7975
Access code: 366574

Together, our voices are making a difference for these children.

Craig Juntunen

Founder, Both Ends Burning

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