Hopscotch Extends Condolences

Hopscotch Adoptions supports the following statement and resolution.  Our deepest condolences are extended to those that loved and cared for this child:

Dear Colleagues,

Joint Council wishes to express our deep sadness regarding the tragic death of a 3-year old Russian adoptee in Texas.  Further, we extend our sympathies to everyone who cared for and loved the little boy.  We encourage the Texas authorities to investigate this matter as quickly and thoroughly as possible and anxiously await the results of the investigation.  Anyone who abuses children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

It is important to note that this tragedy is not the face of intercountry adoption, with over 60,000 successful placements of Russian children with families in the United States.  We, including those in the Russian and US governments, must continually re-evaluate our child welfare and protection systems to ensure that all children live in safe and loving families.

Joint Council does anticipate that the death of the little boy and the media attention surrounding it will effect on-going negotiations between the United States and Russia regarding the current ban on intercountry adoptions to the United States.  Joint Council remains actively involved with U.S Dept of State (DOS), the Russian government, our Partner Organizations, and other NGOs in seeking solutions to the recent ban on intercountry adoptions to the United States and the  effect of the tragic death may have on any in-process cases.  Joint Council will continue to be engaged with all key stakeholders and publish updates as we continue to serve the children of Russia.


Russian Adoptees Finding Their Voice

Young Adoptee Responds to the Ban on Intercountry Adoption in Russia

3863Sasha D’Jamoos is a young Russian adoptee with special needs who just yesterday started Voice of the Child, a campaign to encourage the continuation of adoptions between Russia and the United States.  As part of his campaign, Sasha has published a letter and petition which he will personally deliver to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC on Wednesday, December 26th.

Sasha has asked for our support, and yours, in publicizing his campaign and requesting that as many individuals as possible sign the petition.   I told him that he could count on us – that we would as an organization and coalition, support them in helping other children find what they found, a safe, permanent and loving family.

Sasha’s letter and petition can be found at Voice of the Child.   Please consider encouraging your colleagues, clients, families and friends to sign the petition today.

Best Wishes,

Tom DiFilipo

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