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Unstable Conditions in Artsakh

As conditions in Artsakh remain unstable, SOAR remains committed to assisting the two Armenian orphanages in Stepanagert and Kashatagh.

If you would like to earmark a donation to the Artsakh orphanages


And Choose Artsakh Orphanages from the drop down menu.

Nappies For Nork!

Last year, through the great generosity of many donors, we raised $12,000 for SOAR to purchase diapers for Nork orphanage in Yerevan.

For eleven months, thousands of diapers were delivered to the children living there, but the funds will run out after the final delivery this month.

Therefore, please join us in Nappies For Nork 2016, a collaboration of SOAR, Hopscotch Adoptions, and adoptive mom Viviane Martini whose son lived at Nork from early 2009 until summer 2011.

Please send your tax-deductible donation by check to:

Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief
ATTN: George S. Yacoubian, Jr.
150 N. Radnor Chester Rd.
Suite F-200
Radnor, PA 19087

Or via Paypal on the SOAR website:

Please earmark your donation for the 2016 Nappies for Nork diaper fund.

Read the whole story and get information on the raffle here!

New Armenian Language Program – Classes Forming Now!

Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)

Armenian Language Program

During the past decade, hundreds of children have been adopted from Armenia, some of which to non-Armenian parents and many who do not live in close proximity to an Armenian school or an Armenian Church.  Given the importance of the Armenian language to these children’s ethnic identity, SOAR’s Armenian Language Program (ALP) was developed to provide elementary and intermediate Armenian instruction to children adopted from Armenia who are now living in the Diaspora.

The Program offers live, virtual instruction, in both Eastern and Western Armenian, to anyone in the global community interested in gaining an appreciation for the Armenian language. The ALP is overseen by SOAR-Yerevan, with proceeds benefiting SOAR’s Orphan Transitional Program.

Please go to the Armenian Language Program to enroll. 

Classes forming now!

1060 First Avenue, Suite 400, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Office: 610.213.3452   Fax: 610.229.5168 

Email:   Web:

Nappies Collection a Huge Success!

Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR)

1060 First Avenue, Suite 400, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Office: 610.213.3452   Fax: 610.229.5168 
Email:   Web:

Nappies Collection a Resounding Success!

The Nappies for Nork fundraiser, organized and coordinated by Viviane Martini, was a giant success.  In just two weeks, $11,000 was raised to provide diapers for the children at Nork Orphanage.  From giving three dollars to keep a child dry for a single day to four figure donations, so many opened their hearts to make a difference, one clean bottom at a time.

To everyone who contributed (whether cash toward diapers or items for the raffle) and who spread the word, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  When Viviane sat at her desk three weeks ago looking for a way to help, she hoped to raise $1,000.  Now, around 38,000 diapers will be available for these precious children.

What do 38,000 diapers look like?  Well, a folded Pampers is about 1/2 inch thick, so 38,000 of them stack to approximately 1,500 feet, which is how far you’d walk to get from Yerevan’s Cascade Complex to the Opera House.

Details and pictures of the diaper delivery we will available beginning early May.  Given the level of generosity, the diaper distribution will be expanded to Mari Izmirlyan Orphanage.  Viviane’s son Rex was adopted from Nork, but some of the children who lived at Nork with Rex have since moved to Mari Izmirlyan, so her love stretches to this orphanage.  Mari Izmirlyan serves many children with medical and developmental special needs, some of whom continue to require diapers well past their sixth birthdays.

Again, thank you to everyone who was inspired by Viviane to help in this special endeavor.  Your generosity and support exceeded our wildest dreams!

Raffle to Benefit Armenian Orphans

armenia We are raffling off four great items on November 14 to help raise money to benefit Armenian Orphans, they are:

  • A 30” Bronze Necklace & Engraved and Bronze Beaded Pendant Designed by Stephen Dweck. A $395 value donated by Simon Jewelers in High Point, NC
  • A $100 Gift Certificate from HYE Embroidery in High Point, NC. Donated by Rouben and Berjouhi Keshguerian
  • A $50 Gift Card for East Coast Wings on Tate Street in Greensboro, NC. Donated by Rouben and Berjouhi Keshguerian
  • A Bottle of Georgian Wine donated by Robin and James Sizemore
    1 ticket for $10, 4 tickets for $20, or 10 tickets for $50

Click here to buy tickets.

Raffle tickets can also be purchased in person at the SOAR Wine Tasting on Friday 11/14

Be sure to designate the donation to SOAR Raffle

Cutoff to purchase tickets is 5pm EST on 11/14/14


Download PDF for more information.

Goodyear Family & SOAR Make Dreams Come True!

Zipzac%20Chair Thank you to the Goodyear family and SOAR for making dreams come true! The Goodyear family recently returned from visiting their child and saw the need first hand for mobility and took on the personal project to see the children have access to these amazing chairs. SOAR stepped in and will be shipping them in July at no charge – via UAF! We TRULY have the best families and the best kids ever! Thank you!!!!!

Wanted: A Family Of My Own

SOAR and Adoptive Families Provide Therapy Equipment for Armenian Orphan

photo Considering the millions of orphans around the world, it is impossible to expect that one individual or even one organization could touch them all. However, there are many opportunities every day for people and groups to impact the life of just one child in need.

When adoptive mother Viviane Martini learned of a preschooler with mobility issues in an Armenian orphanage, she jumped into action. She knew that the little boy was receiving physical therapy and had been telling his caregivers that he was determined to learn to walk, despite his limited control over his head, neck, arms, legs and torso. Martini started searching for equipment that could help stabilize his core, so the child could focus his energies on building muscle and skills in his arms, legs and neck. She came across the Theratogs PTA systems and contacted the manufacturer for advice. A few emails later, Martini knew which product would work best for the little boy. She was prepared to fundraise the several hundred dollars in cost, but in stepped SOAR Chairman George Yacoubian. Without hesitation, Yacoubian offered to have SOAR pay for the stabilizing garments. A fellow adoptive family soon on their way to bring home their daughter from Yerevan volunteered to carry the items to Armenia. Martini purchased a few fine motor toys to go along with the Theratogs equipment and this week all were delivered to the young child who was not only excited, but also thankful for the gifts.

In the months to come, the little boy and his therapists can use the donated items to work on improving his gross and fine motor skills. And maybe just maybe while they do so, they will know that half a world away, there are people who care deeply about making a difference, even if only for one child at a time.


Many children like this little one are waiting for a family, just like yours to open their hearts and home to him. If you are interested in adopting visit our waiting child page, or contact us via email

Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas" to Benefit SOAR

“Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas” to Benefit SOAR

A new film, “Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas,” about the life of Komitas, the famous Armenian priest and musical composer who was an orphan and who suffered tragically during the Armenian Genocide, is nearing completion.  To complete the film, a fundraising campaign has just launched on Indiegogo.  Details about “Music to Madness – the Story of Komitas,” including a trailer and Reward Perks for financial contributions, are provided on Indiegogo.

ALL net revenues from the sale and distribution of the film will go to SOAR

Please consider helping with the fundraising campaign, not only through a financial contribution, but also by spreading the word (email, phone, social networking) about the film.  This is your opportunity to help tell the world about Komitas and the Armenian Genocide and to help Armenian orphaned children throughout the world.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children and adults. Working with a loyal donor base and a trusted network of partners, SOAR distributes clothing, educational supplies, medicine, and other essential resources to orphaned Armenians throughout the world.

1060 First Avenue, Suite 400, King of Prussia, PA 19406
Office: 610.213.3452   Fax: 610.229.5168
Email:   Web:

Hopscotch Adoptions’ Armenian Children’s Reunion 2013

53629c0e724f7dc7096b8e14d61fa9a6 On Saturday, August 3, 2013, a reunion was held in Lancaster County (PA) for families who had adopted children from Armenia through Hopscotch Adoptions.  As the Executive Board President of the Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief (SOAR), a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children throughout the world, and the father of a child adopted from Armenia, I was invited to attend. 

On Saturday, SOAR participated in the festivities by creating Armenian name tags for the attendees, providing Armenian coloring books donated by the Armenian Sisters Academy, and teaching the children several Armenian songs and dances.  I was able to answer questions about SOAR and, most humbly, was able to meet many SOAR supporters in person for the first time.

The reunion was a wonderful opportunity to interact with other parents of adopted Armenian children and to share a multitude of experiences. What bonds us all is the country itself that provided us a special part of our family and the desire to perpetuate the Armenian culture through food, literature, language, and the arts.  My girls had a wonderful time, and my middle daughter, Sophie, took with her Armenian currency to give to a new friend.  Josie D. was the lucky lady.  The perfect example of how in any environment Armenian children can bond and become friends.

George S. Yacoubian, Jr.,
SOAR Executive Board President

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