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print-6344 *July 13, 2011 was Rex’s last full day and night at the orphanage where he spent the first 28 months of his life.

When an adoption journey turns out well and the child you bring home lives up to the dreams and expectations you had, it’s easy to say it was meant to be.  The child is just as smart as the biological children in the family, just as athletic as his mommy, just as into books and reading as her daddy, just as crazy about roller coasters as the cousins, just as creative as grandma… how could such a perfect fit not be meant to be?

But when you adopt a child and after coming home find out that things are not as you thought and will never be as you imagined, many families ask, "Why us?  Why did it have to turn out like this for us?"  The question is often posed with a tremendous amount of grief, frustration, fear, anger, and disappointment.  It comes from a painful place of shattered dreams, uncertain futures, and monumental new challenges.

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Together Forever Day 2013

By Viviane Martini

PicMonkey Collage 2Two years ago today, I traveled across Bulgaria, from the capital city of Sofia to the Black Sea coast, to pick up our little girl from the only place she’d ever known, the orphanage in Dobrich. The child I scooped into my arms forever that day was not well: significantly malnourished, severely anemic, scared, confused, and socially and emotionally starved.

Since then Emilia has found trust and love in a family that adores her.  She has become confident, adventurous, loving, and full of joy.  And yes, she has found her tongue and with that her voice (we’ll kick you to the curb yet, apraxia), opening a steadily widening window into her mind.

Since that snowy November day, Emilia has found her bright smile and happiness.  In those early weeks with her, we couldn’t distinguish Emilia’s cry from her laughter because it all sounded the same.  Today, her giggles peal through our home every single day and tears are far and few between.

And Emilia has found her spark, her will to live, her zest for life.  She has gone from frightened, resigned and withdrawn to a cheerfully determined, spunky preschooler who won’t be slowed down by her tiny size or her developmental delays.

Happy Together Forever Day, my sweet and wonderful daughter.  You are the sunshine in our universe and we couldn’t imagine life without you.  Keep following your own yellow brick road and I know you will bless and be blessed along the way.

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