The guide: 24 top places to eat, shop and see in Georgia’s stylish capital


An intoxicating blend of ancient and modern, Tbilisi is bursting with architectural gems, tucked-away eateries and late-night hangouts. Little wonder then, that visitors are flocking there. Here’s our edit of the city’s finest attractions.

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News from Georgia: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Visits Tbilisi, Georgia!


By Anthony Bourdain

Georgia's 'hangover soup' (CNN)I was late to Georgia.

My flight was stuck in Istanbul and we’d had only a small window to shoot in the off season resort city of Batumi, so a last minute substitute was called in.

Like John Shaft, he’s a complicated man.

Like Wolf Blitzer, he’s got the credentials and experience to tackle any subject.

Like Bambi, a struggling medical student, he WILL pole dance if no other employment options exist.

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How to “S#@t” Around the World by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howart

513qZJDJ0iL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ If you travel or dream of traveling – you can relate!

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How To Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick

By Jodi Ettenberg


Read How to Eat Street Food Without Getting Sick. This is a super helpful piece on how to enjoy street eats on your travels.

Drone Views for Gyumri, Armenia – Beautiful!!





Gyumri city stadium

How to Go Full On In Jordan (and other Arabic countries)!


By Paula Froelich

Petra, Jordan (Thinkstock)

It may be obvious, but the Middle East is very different from the rest of the world. Even in Jordan, which is considered a liberal country, visitors can make mistakes without knowing it (especially if they are left-handed; it’s the hand you use in the loo).

Yes, we know the so-called Islamic State is all over the news and people are scared of the region right now. But those in the know — and those who love history — are aware of several things: Jordan is committed to the fight against IS. Jordan has the second-best military in the region (besides Israel). There have been no attacks in Jordan due to its excellent security. And now is the time to go. Sites like Petra, normally packed with tourists, are empty and open for exploration. That, and the country is pretty much on sale — prices are down and you can enjoy a five-star trip at half the cost. As locals in the country like to say, “We can’t help it — we live in a rough neighborhood, but our block is fine.”

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How not to be "THAT" American Traveler


By Sid Lipsey


It doesn’t take a red, white, and blue suitcase and a T-shirt reading “God Bless the USA” to flag someone as an American — especially in a foreign airport. We Yanks tend to stick out. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing; we love it when people walk up to us when we’re traveling overseas and ask, “Are you American?”

But a lot of times, they don’t even have to ask. We say and do things in airports that out ourselves immediately as residents of the Land of the Free.

Here are the top 10 ways to spot Americans in an airport.

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I Heart Armenia.


By Beth Shepherd

If you are not following Beth Shepherd’s blog – fix that.


When summer turns to fall, my heart longs for Armenia. I made four trips to Armenia in the fall, and when the air begins to feel crisp and leaves on the trees trim their edges with gold and red, I reminisce: Vines laden with ripe grapes drape trellises outside people’s homes, hills are dry and brown and the mountains feel moodier as clouds start to enshroud their peaks.

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Do You Speak English?


By Yahoo Travel Editors

We already know this… don’t we?


When we travel, we are, by definition, out of place. But the things Americans say when we travel (especially overseas) sometimes highlight just how out of place we are — and not in a good way. The natural biases we’ve formed at home can come out in the worst, although unintentional, ways.

So to help you prevent an international outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease, here are the Worst Things Americans Say on Vacation.

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News from Bulgaria

News from Bulgaria: Wishing our Hopscotch family a safe and successful registration trip.  Congrats!!


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